Wednesday, 20 September 2017

My D&C experience in Prince Court Medical Center

I remembered the night before my D&C, I couldn't really sleep. I woke up several times to check the time and to see if I bleed or not. I was quite exhausted the next morning as I woke up at 7am. I kissed Mika and started to get ready. I left the house about 8:15 am as my check in time was at 9 am.

The first song I chose for the car ride was This I Believe by Hillsong Worship. It's one of my favourite song and I felt at peace when I listen it. We arrived and checked into PCMC Day Care Center as the doctor said I could leave by 4pm unless there's a complication, then I would have to stay overnight.

I got Marcus and Lina (my sister) to accompany me that day. I was extremely nervous. I looked super pale and my morning sickness was still there. I changed to the hospital clothes and was asked to wear CROCS which I once swear I would never wear them 😅  But I had no choice, LOL. There was a few other patient at that day care center, about 4 of them, sharing the same place. One was snoring very loudly and the rest of them were busy talking to their family and friends. I got Lina by my side as Marcus had to go to work during my D&C. I wanted someone to be there just incase anything happen.

The nurse came in by 9:30am to insert a pill down there * ahem * so that my cervix will dilate. It was quite painful as the nurse kept pushing it in and I was very uncomfortable. But it took less than 20 seconds. Once it's inside, I would have to wait for about 1-2 hours and I can't pee for that period. Immediately after inserting the pill, I felt like pee-ing. I was like NOOOOOOO!!!!!! So I tried to distract myself by playing my Spotify and listening to my awesome playlist.

I really don't like the sound and look of medical machines and there was one behind my bed and I remembered that I didn't even want to look at it. But I had no choice, as I just turn my head to check the machine out... and it displayed my safe number, which is 111. Every time I see this number, I will feel safe and at peace. Funny right? But I had many incident with this number 111. Then I knew, everything will be alright.

2 hours flew by and it was my turn to enter the operation theatre. The nurse asked me to remove my glasses and my Cartier Love bracelet but I forgot to bring my key, LOL which I got no choice but they had to wrap my bracelet with some cloth.

My doctor came and greeted me with a warm smile and assured me that everything would be fine and I would be out in 30 mins. Then the nurses started to push me inside the operation theatre. It looked super white,clean and spacious. The scenery was also nice as I could see some greens and trees as the window was huge. The room looked like a space ship. I felt like an alien waiting to be examined by the doctors.

Then they said there are going to start with G.A and asked me to breathe. I breathe for about 5 seconds but I didn't fall asleep. Then I started to panic! Like why am I not sleeping? Then while breathing and trying to make myself sleep, I smelled a different kind of gas. After counting to 3, I was knocked out. I remembered gently closing my eyes and saying a prayer.

Suddenly, all I could heard was OOI CHENG PIN, wake up! and the surgery was over! I was happy to be alive! YAY! Lucky everything went smoothly and I woke up HAPPY. Yes, HAPPY that my morning sickness is finally gone. I took a picture of me smiling and send it to my family and close friends. I looked so much better. I looked more alive and not that pale anymore. I was also served chilled apple juice which I didn't drink as it was cold with tuna sandwich which was yummy. I was just glad that everything is over and I could finally moved on.

Then the nurse came in and asked if I wanna see what the doctor had took out. I asked Marcus and Martin but they both asked me better not too see it. But I managed to get a glimpsed of it. It kinda look like a small lump only. Then about 4pm, I was discharged with the medical bill of RM 5K. They set an appointment to come back after a month just for check up.

I was happy to be home. Did like a mini confinement for 3 days and everything went back to normal. I started picking up tennis again and told myself to try new things. Since then, I've tried rock climbing, which I never ever thought in a million years I would do it as I am very afraid of heights! I also went hiking ( first time hiking ) and recently just signed up for a 5KM marathon ( Jas will be like WTF ). All my close friends were like... WTF happened to Michie? LOL! But they love the new Michie and I love the new Michie also. #YOLO

So this story has a happy ending. I am still young and I am just gonna do what I want! Life is too short to be upset! Also, many of you asked if I want a second child? I think not right now as I want to concentrate on myself and Mika first. Maybe in the future? I don't know? I'll see what God had plan for me * wink * and I am very open to this topic as many people texted me and told me their experience too! A lot of women goes through this, you will be surprised! So, we are definitely not alone. I just wanna say thank you to everyone who texted me your words of encouragement! Major love :)

Picture of me hiking with Tjer, Mae and Mart 

Managed to climb 3 storey high at Camp5

Have a good day everyone!

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