Sunday, 8 January 2017

hello 2017, sorry I've been MIA

Hello Hello Hello! Happy New Year!

😂 I know I am a few days late but I do have a valid reason.

No, I am not pregnant if that's what you guys been thinking, sorry to disappoint you. The reason of my absence since November is not because I was vomiting beside my toilet bowl ( morning sickness ) it's because I've been busy with my family.

November was crazy for me. Mika was sick every week, I kid you not and he was on 3 antibiotic course and when your kid is sick, it is very indeed very tiring taking care of him. A sick child is no joke. You constantly worry and kept on figuring why is he sick for 4 weeks in a row. Why didn't the fever subside? Trust me, it was horrible to be worry sick. From ear, lungs infections to viral fever... it was very hard. Then December came and we took Mika to Singapore for Christmas and we had a wonderful time there celebrating Christmas with the Ng family. The company and food was good but the worship to God was great! It was truly a special weekend.

Then it was off to Busan right after to celebrate NYE with Marcus' friends. So, we were busy travelling from 23rd December till 2nd January. 

Then I got sick.


On New Years Eve.....


I was alone in my hotel room in Busan and slept through it so that the next day I could walk around Busan to explore. My girls even FaceTime me the next day ( 1st January ) as we promised to talk about our New Years Resolution together. Everyone was celebrating in Penang, except for me as I was in Busan and they even called me a traitor as we normally celebrate the New Years together 😂

The talk was good as we share our resolutions and what resolutions we have for each other and also group resolutions. Now we just need to keep everyone in check. 

Make sure you have a few too, and share it with your friends or family. It's always good to keep short and long term goals. 

Mika also started schooling already and he is getting better! He doesn't really cry anymore and is more independent which is GREAT. Normally he will show his sad face or he will start crying but I am just glad that TODAY is the first day where he is OK to go in class without any noise. After sending him to school, I popped by Jaya Grocer to do some grocery shopping, came home and clean the house a little and find time to blog and I've done all of this by 11 am. 

Feels good to be back on my feet without feeling sickly.

I was fully recovered 3 days ago and now I am ready for 2017! 

You might guess what was my first resolution?

To be a stronger and healthy mom so that I can take care of Mika and the family.

What's yours?

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