Sunday, 20 November 2016

The 5 love languages

My girlfriends and I enjoy talking about love, relationships, boys, men, work, our passion, sex, etc. So the other day, this topic came up about the 5 love languages and we all did the profile test ( link below ) and I honestly think it's a great way to get to know your partner better on how both of you want to receive love as everyone is different.

Marcus and I did the test. I did it first and instantly after answering a few questions, I could roughly figured out what Marcus' answer would be and I WAS RIGHT. ( Most men hates it when a women says this and vice versa )

I also didn't realised until I finished it. I mean, the answer was there all along, how come I didn't see it? I should have known better.


Sometimes we take things for granted. We don't realised what's been happening. Sometimes we just argue or get upset and just keep it to ourselves while psycho-ing ourselves saying that it's OK, this is normal, all men are like that. Then we brush it off with a bottle  glass of wine with our girlfriends. 

In our current situation, we are really attached with social media. It has become our newspaper. A newspaper which could be refresh automatically and more news will be delivered. We buried ourselves in that lives. Be honest, you can go hours on social media right? I know I can. Sometimes I can even get angry at us for doing it. 

Both Marcus and I will zone out once Mika is asleep. We just wanted to rest and DO NOTHING and the phone sounds like a good companion at that time. Honestly, it is also a great way to relax for me by scrolling my newsfeed. I get to catch up with the current news and also learn some new beauty tricks, etc. But perhaps maybe we should cut it down and talk to each other more as communication is actually EVERYTHING.


We started talking about how we would love to receive love from one another.

The 5 languages of love are :

We compared our results and we get to know each other better.

My profile was Physical Touch while his was Acts of Service

I never knew that it was that important for him when it comes  love. I didn't know that the way he will feel LOVE from me is by doing things for him. I got it wrong. I was pushing towards quality time, gifts and touch before we did this test.

For him, ACTION speaks LOUDER than WORDS.

He then told me that he feels love when I clean up the house, taking care of Mika, helping him take water/food from the kitchen when we are in the room because he's too lazy to get out of bed and we always fight who is nearer to the door etc 😂  

All this simple things I didn't know it was love for him. If I knew, I wouldn't have to pretend to have a broken foot whenever he ask for water, or to shift to the other side of the bed which is further from the kitchen. 

So, that's why I think it's really important to know and to discuss your profiles with your partner.

Hope this works for your relationship!

Enjoy love, celebrate love!

Answer the questions as honest as possible and good luck!

Ps : And yeah, Marcus has touching my face more often that I wasn't used to it. But it feels nice to get  surprised hugs or stolen kisses once in a while. 

Pss : Maybe some of my friends will start hugging me more randomly or hold my hands once they read this post 😂😂  i'll be waiting hahahahah

Cheers and Happy Monday,

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