Friday, 4 November 2016

Do you need money?

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You'll never know the future, as it's unpredictable. I've heard stories from friends whom suddenly was diagnosed with illness and their medical bill was exorbitant. Most people are not fortunate enough to have large sum of money at all times and when it comes to getting medical care, immediate treatment is always the best. And like I said earlier, not everybody can afford to fork out a large sum of money at any given time.

I mean, I know raising a child is very expensive. We as parents really spend a lot for our child these days, and sometimes we over spent our money without saving as much and accidents can happen at anytime.

This is where Doctor Ringgit comes in.

 An online application which is hassle free and you can get the money within 24 hours via ONLINE.


Doctor Ringgit is a legit Licensed Company focused on micro-financing in the money lending industry and they aim to provide the best professional solution to your financial needs in Malaysia.

It's very simple and quick.

Here's what you need to do :

Step 1 : Customer to apply on website :

Step 2 :  They will give you a call to verify full name, address, occupation,  current salary and  to explain loan details (make sure the calls are answered!)

Step 3 :  Once verification is done and approval status is out, they will call you for an appointment to meet

Step 4 :  Their riders will meet the customer to sign loan agreement

Step 5 :  Loan will then be disbursed to customer's bank

It’s just that simple!

You might ask why Doctor Ringgit?

Rather than taking a loan from illegal sources, why not give Doctor Ringgit a try?

You can apply for the loan at any time as it's available 24/7 and only your NRIC is required! And the best part is, it only takes 24 hours ( business hour ) for the money to be in your bank account. You may use the loan for a maximum of 30 days, and if your situation is tight at the moment when the loan is due, you can choose to extend the loan for another 30 days by paying the minimum payment. Similar to credit cards. But if you pay only the minimum amount required, expect the loan to be fully paid off by the 12th month.

To understand it better, you may visit : for more information.

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