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Hello Amverton Cove!

Hello Amverton Cove
Golf & Island Resort

If you are looking for a nearby place for a short getaway, Amverton Cove is your answer. 

In my opinion, this place is a perfect All-In-One resort.

For the fathers: Award Winning Golf Course
For the mothers: Award Winning Sompoton Spa
For the kids : Outdoor activities such as ATV, swimming pool, biking, boat riding, kayaking, archery, paintball, rock climbing, and many more
For the toddlers: Have you seen their Kid's Fun Zone and Games Room? Mika sure had fun there!

For corporates : 4 meeting rooms and 1 grand ballroom

To reach Amverton Cove, it's only a 50 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur and it was such an enjoyable ride as we get to see much greenery in such a short distance. I seriously never heard of this place before and was really excited to see what they have for us!

I've prepped Mika that we are going on a holiday and we get to feed the animals and boy, was he excited for this family trip. He was  in a good mood the whole time in the car! Thank goodness for short rides!

We immediately checked into our deluxe room which was very spacious and clean. The staff werevery friendly and the General Manager, Mr. David was very welcoming as they took us for a small tour around the island. Such good hospitality which is what we always look forward to during our holidays.

Our view from the room was picture perfect. Need I say more?

Look how beautiful it is! I really love the view of lush landscape around me which reminds me of Taiping. So serene and calming. Can I just wake up to this amazing view every day?

I really love the sunset garden! I mean, we could host some private party at the beautiful venue... perhaps our anniversary wedding dinner or a birthday celebration.

After our lunch at the Golfers' terrace, we sat down to enjoy the view of the prestigious 18- hole golf course. Later on we went back to enjoy our room while waiting for evening to arrive so that we could take Mika to the Animal Island and then straight to the pool to cool down.

This is actually Mika's first time feeding animals such as goats and rabbits. He really enjoyed his time here. He loves the rabbits the most and he kept on sayang-ing them. There was also a snake show which WOW-ed the audience. I was personally scared to death as snakes are  my biggest snakes but the man handled it very well. All of the kids were so excited during his show.

This is also Mika's first time sitting on a cute pony for his picture taken.

And here's another first time for Mika, petting a prairie dog. I mean, how often can you say that you've touched a prairie dog before? This particular one was so friendly that when David called him, he ran straight away to his arms! Amazing and so much love!

So many first times, so many good memories! Thank you, David!

Mika and PaPa enjoying their boat ride to and from Animal Island.

Then we hit the pool to cool down and unwind. Mika loves the slide so much that they went for it almost 5-6 times! I mean, look at the splash pool, don't you just wanna sit there and get splashed? All the kids were enjoying themselves at that section. Lots of laughter and splashes! 

The sunset view was so amazing that these pictures still don't do enought justice! You must visit yourself to experience it.

Right after dinner, we took Mika to the Kids' Fun Zone for some playtime and this place is very well- equipped I must say!

It's spacious and there are many things for kids and toddlers to play here! Marcus and I sat happily while Mika kept himself busy inside. This is like the mini version of Jungle Gym that we have in KL.

I was amazed because not many resorts have this kind of service. 

We also checked out The Hummingbird room which consists of pool tables, foosball tables, bar, lounge and even karaoke rooms! Such a cool place to end the tiring day where you can just chill with your family and friends.

Then after a fun long day, Mika fell asleep really fast as he was very tired from all the activities earlier. I enjoyed watching some shows on Astro while PaPa did some of his work.

The next morning, we had our breakfast at the Rabbit Room while enjoying the view and also feasting on a wide selection of breakfast choices.

Mika with his new friends, Sarah and Sophie. They are actually my ex-lecturer's kids whom I met there! Hope your family enjoyed your stay there too, Va Nee! :) 

After breakfast, it's time for MaMa to relax before heading back to the busy city.

The Sompoton Spa is an award winning spa and it was a great way to end my holiday there, especially with Mika around. PaPa took him again to the Kids' Fun Zone while MaMa got her one- hour traditional massage. The masseuse was really gentle and funny! Hello Kak Rose :) Thank you so much for making my one hour such a relaxing time for me. 

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves especially Mika. He still talks about feeding the animals and also the Kids' Fun Zone. I am just happy that he had a great weekend! 

I highly recommend this place to families who would love a short getaway without any traffic jam. This place is really such a perfect place for families to bond and just relax. It is for everyone of any age. 

Till then, Amverton Cove! You have given us such a wonderful experience, thank you so much :)

To find out more, you may visit :


Phone: +60 3-3123 3888

Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort is located at 
PT 673, Jalan Pulau Carey, Mukim Jugra,
42960, Pulau Carey, Selangor Darul Ehsan. 

PS : We didn't have a single mosquito bite! 

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