Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Nightmare at our AirBnB in Barcelona, lost 7000 Euros

Barcelona is a very beautiful city and best of all, it has a beach in the city! It is also not too crowded like London or Paris and weather was perfect during Summer. Gaudi's work is so amazing that it is a must see when you are in Barcelona, it's really beautiful yet trippy. But do be aware, if you are ever visiting Barcelona, please stay at legit hotel and avoid busy places like in the metro because Barcelona is also famous for pick pocketing and snatch thieves. Our group was quite unlucky as we decided to stay in an apartment in Barcelona near the Magic Fountain via AirBnB.

From the pictures, the apartment looked great! Bright and clean, walking distance to MNAC and many more attractions plus all the reviews was GOOD. It was really hard to find a place to settle all 10 of us, so we decided to rent the place.

When we first arrived, I was a bit shocked. The place was old and a bit dusty. We rented two apartments which are facing each other. We split to 5 people in one apartment and just be settled with it... but deep down, Jolyna and I were a bit unhappy with it because the pictures looked different. But we were OK until the night when Jolyna had to go back first to pump her breastmilk, there was no electricity in our unit. When she told me that, I already wanted to find another place to stay because we can't sleep or survived without electricity. The other apartment was perfectly fine, just ours.

As we were walking back, we stumble upon this cute boutique hotel and asked if there is any room left. He gave us a good rate as it was already 12 in the midnight and we just decided to move into this boutique hotel. So we went back and packed our stuff and happily moved in to our new pad while the rest was OK with the first place.

Little did we know, my friend's apartment got robbed on the second last night.

There was no sign forced entry and there is no way someone could climb up to the windows as it is quite high up! In our opinion, it was definitely an INSIDE JOB.

We came to a conclusion that it's either the Host's worker ( the one who opened the door for us ) or could be the maids.

They stole

1. A NEW Classic CHANEL 2.55 Caviar Skin Bag
3. A NEW LOUBOUTIN pair of heels
4. My friends BEATS earphones
5. Cash
6. 2 new bottle of perfumes
7. A pair of CHURCH men shoes

All of that worth 7000 Euros.

One of my other friend bought a new CHANEL Boy Bag for a friend and another LV bag but he was lucky because he locked his luggage. 

No passport was stolen.

What made us even mad is that the host didn't even bother to come. All he did was to text us, he didn't even showed up to the police station!

He promised to come by 1pm, but he didnt showed up and pushed it to 3 pm,
3pm came and still he wasn't there and this time my friend just called and the host promised to be there at 5pm, but still haven't showed up and gave the excuse that he had to go out of town SUDDENLY.


The police are useless, my friend said it's worst than KL police. They promise to come in 10 minutes time but there was no sign of them at all.

My friends just checked out the place without anyone there. NO ONE CAME!


What is also weird is that THE PERSON didn't take my other friend's LAPTOP, iPAD or even a BOSE headphones.

We felt like someone just came in, took my friend's new stuff and just walked away freely and easily.

OH! THEY did forgot something! They left a knife in the toilet... probably to attack my friends if they were home.

But we were blessed that no one got hurt as the couple's wedding is in two weeks time.

Her LOUBOUTIN heels was her wedding shoes, lucky she managed to buy it again on our last day in Paris and also her classic CHANEL bag which both are hard to find. 

We also did contact AirBnB but they couldn't do anything as well. But we've submitted the police report to them and hope they could do something. 

So there you go! Please be aware of this of scam, book a legit hotel instead whenever you are in Barcelona.

I even saw this young girl, aged around 16-18 years old stealing things from a souvenir shop and I even told the owner. But this people are quick, they quickly pass the stuff around and deny everything.

Barcelona is beautiful but also very dangerous.

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