Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Leaving my toddler for the first time and the aftermath

Ola! I am back from my Europe trip :) For those who didn't know, I was in Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona for 2 weeks and I decided to burn Mika's flight ticket last minute. Thankfully I had the help from my parents and my mother in law. Mika was sent to Taiping and it is the first time I am away from my 20 month old son. 

I already prepped him that MaMa and PaPa will be going for a long holiday and was really worried if he could cope without me especially, because I was still breastfeeding him. I introduced formula to him about 3-4 months before the trip and it was hell until right before I left. He slowly begun to accept it.

Then came the day, June 22, 2016 when my dad drove all the way from Taiping to fetch Mika and go home straight. I hugged him, kissed him and breastfed him one last time. I even teared.

We landed in Paris after 17 hours, after transiting in Abu Dhabi for a couple of hours. First thing in the morning we did was to FaceTime my son. 

Dad : He didn't even ask for you




Even during FT, he didn't really layan me because he was busy with his new toys.


Ok. Never mind. We will try tomorrow. 

Tomorrow came.

Same thing.

Nothing changed. 

So, I guess either I prepped him well or he doesn't care or he was mad.

Until now, I still don't know the answer.

He was very happy back in Taiping! He could do things that he couldn't do in KL.

1. Ride on a motorbike ( Thank you Uncle Omar )
2. Sit on a boat 
3. Dad took Mika to his latest housing development and sat on a roller.

When they sent me pictures, I was like WOOOOOAHHHHHHHHH!! No way Mika would wanna come back to KL. Taiping was so much more FUN!

Since I was still breastfeeding, I just decided to bring my pump and see how it goes. Either I stop it or just continue pumping to keep the milk supply going.

On the second day, I stopped pumping as it was getting very uncomfortable as I could feel lumps. Only Mika can cure me. That's what I thought.

I then went to the nearest grocery store and got myself a CABBAGE worth 3.50 Euros which completely saved my life. No medication. 

I just put the cabbage leaves for 15 mins for at least 3 days and VOILA~ it worked! I can now enjoy my holiday without worrying about my breast being engorged. Happy as a clam!

Now I could really enjoy my trip. We also FaceTime less, maybe 3 times per week as I was also set to have my own personal time and just catching up with my sleeps. Feels good to sleep 12 hours straight! 

It was great till the last two nights in Barcelona where my friend's apartment got robbed and they lost almost 7000 Euros. ( Story on next post ) That really brings down the whole gang.

It was pretty hectic in the airport as well, I had to run to my boarding gate as we were late and can you imagine me hugging my Celine bag ( super heavy ), running from gate 50 to 40 ( about 150m ) because I seriously don't want to miss my flight back to Malaysia. I miss my son.

We arrived home around 1 am, I took Mika who was asleep to my room and we all dozed off till around 4am where he suddenly woke up and started crying. He was in total shocked. He kept crying non stop because he couldn't see our faces in the dark. I had to calm him down and he kept crying and asking for my mother in law. 

He did changed a little bit the next morning, a bit cold. I even took him for a walk in the garden which is his favourite but he kept crying and asking for my MIL.

I was like wtf happened. Did I made a big mistake by leaving Mika? He is not like this normally.

I was very upset as he became more manja, he didn't even want to sit on the car seat and worst still he doesn't want his mama  -_-

Then I just tried to breastfeed him again, ( there's not much milk left, just enough for one feeding ) after that, he became closer to me again.

 It is seriously the power of the breast, I kid you not!

I was happy again. Phew~ then it just got better and better. Guess he needed time to adjust. 

Now I no longer breastfeed and he sleeps almost throughout the night already. 

Then my dad msg me : The family is going to London and Iceland for holiday in 2 weeks time, you wanna go?

I was like -_-|||| I seriously wanted to go but I had to sacrifice this trip because of Mika. You owe me one, son! ( actually you owe me a lot! just kidding ) 

Stay tuned for more stories :)

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