Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Roger Vivier X Mandarin Oriental Afternoon Tea

Last Sunday we had our first ever afternoon high tea at Lounge on the Park, Mandarin Oriental. I was psyched when I learned that they have a fashion afternoon tea by Roger Vivier.

The stand is RM 108, served with your choice of tea. I've got a sweet tooth, and this pastries were delectable yet fashionable. A perfect combination.

If you don't know, almost everyday I eat chocolate or something sweet after meals. It's like an addiction, lol or else the meal or my day would feel incomplete.

 The place was pretty quiet when we were there although it was almost full house, I guess people would tend to think that during afternoon tea in a 5 star hotel, everything must be more quiet and proper? Or just maybe... it was the Piano music that makes everyone more quiet? But we didn't really care as we laughed so many times as it was really a great catch up session.

Chocolate shoe, anyone?

All good things must come to an end, so this #RVXMOtea is only available from 9th May till 30th June, from 230 PM to 6PM. Hope they would have more collaborations like this soon with other brands/designers!

 Love this picture of us. Older sisters at the back, holding our younger sisters. We all practically grew up together as we are cousins. I remember us forming  'Gang Basikal' and we could cycle around our taman and just play together. Later on, we upgraded to motor rides, which was just for a short while then to cars. We used to read SailorMoon and Dik Cerdas together while growing up, having sleep overs at each other houses and I was always the first one who fall asleep. We would perform Spice Girls songs to our mothers and aunties, dance and draw pictures of the beautiful Laura, inspired by the song 'Tell Laura I Love her' and pass it to our neighbours. Not only that, we all also used to pretend that crayons were our lipstick ( damn dangerous, come to think of it ) and we would just share and talk about anything. 

Thank you for making my life perfect. Mika is so blessed to have awesome aunties to grow with.

It was indeed an afternoon filled with laughter and love.

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