Monday, 16 May 2016

Rawa Island resort // Pulau Rawa

Hey everyone! I am back and well rested after my holiday in Pulau Rawa, Johor. I am actually very excited to blog about my experience here, since there was no review about Rawa Island Resort at all.

Pulau Rawa is about 4 hours and 30 mins drive away from Kuala Lumpur which might be a good place to go during the short holidays. We actually started our journey on Thursday after breakfast to Johor, since this group is quite the foodie group, we actually stopped by Seremban for some awesome crabs first, then only we continue our drive to Mersing. 

We stayed one night in Mersing because the speed boat hours are either 9am or 12noon. There will be no other boats going in Pulau Rawa later on. So, we decided to take a chill drive down and stay in Mersing for a night. Mersing is actually a very small town but they do have KFC, Guardian and 7 Eleven all close by. They even have baby shops beside Guardian which is convenient for mothers if incase you forgot to bring anything. 

The next day was adventure time! Off we go to Pulau Rawa which takes only about 20 mins by speedboat and Mika's face was priceless. I know that he is scared but he still can smile. 

Hello Paradise :)

                                             SUN. SEA. BEACH.                                            


There are only two place to live in and it's divided from this jetty, which everyone can use the slide. 

1. Alang's Rawa, a cheaper place but looks very cosy actually. No air cond and hot water. Very simple food served. ( My sister was staying there, that's how I know about it )

2. Rawa Island Resort, very expensive and the room is OK only for the price that we paid. I was honestly expecting a 5 star hotel as we paid RM 1500 per night for a water front view.
There was no toiletries at all expect for a few bar of soap, but there is air cond and hot water. Food are served in buffet style and the choices are not too bad. On Saturday it's their BBQ night.

Please note that the prices they offer are inclusive of boat ride to and from jetty, accomadation and food only.

They do have a bar there as well. One tower of beer is roughly RM 150. Corkage is RM 90.

The view is so stunning. Crystal clear water, powder soft sand, friendly fishes and amazing clear skies.

Our room at Rawa Island Resort

After checking in, then its off to the beach!

I brought the UNICORN and FLAMINGO float there and a lot of kids asked me if they could use it and honestly, I seriously could made money from it as so many kids want to ride on it!

You can go hiking, snorkelling, diving and even play on the water slide which only opens during high tide in Pulau Rawa. There is also trampoline and volley ball net outside while indoor you have the kids corner, library, TV area, piano, foosball & pool table.

Rawa Island Resort is definitely more baby friendly than Alang's Rawa as you can see all the kids over this side, mostly Europeans with their baby strollers. I think I spotted about 4-5 strollers as it's quite stroller friendly.

Every morning, we would feed the fish from our water front room and we saw coral shark, school of fishes and blue spotted sting ray. Mika really enjoyed this moment with us. 

  Mika and his friend, Man Hin

Yup, we are evil parents. LOL

After looking at all the rooms, hillside, beach front, water front and the villas which has 3 rooms, I personally think that having a room at the beach front would be ideal for me next time when I come again because I like how we could just walk straight to the beach. The other rooms were quite a bit of a walk from the main entrance.

The water front room could get a little noisy at night till early morning because of the tide. the waves keep on knocking on the rocks and sometimes it can get pretty loud and once even woke me up as it sounded pretty scary. 

 Mommy time off

Family picture :)

Selfie with a pimple

Do you like my island makeup?

Since I look so tired, I decided to add a little of orangey brown colour for my eye shadow to make my eyes pop! and it worked!

What I have on my face :

1. IOPE Air Cushion
2. Nars Bronzer
3. Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani eye shadow palatte 
4. Lip Marker from 3CE

5. Tarte eyebrow clay

Manicure and Pedicure done by Lash and Polish from 176 Avenue :) Super love the nail art island beach tropical theme :) Perfect for summer and also to entertain my son :P 

Mika was wearing Merries diapers the whole time and I must say this is one of the best diaper I've tried so far! It doesn't leak even if it' soaked cos Mika eventually ran to the water, it didn't torn apart. I don't know bout you, but once Marcus accidentally forgot to take this particular brand of diaper when he took Mika to the swimming pool, the diaper seriously torn apart with all the cotton coming off. I was shocked when that happened. Lucky with Merries, it did not happened.

Till next time Pulau Rawa, we will definitely be back :) 
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