Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Body Perfect

Let's face it..

I am not getting any younger, and taking care of Mika is indeed tiring. Yes, it's hard being a mother. More so, a mother who gets not enough sleep. My dark circle is getting worst and my complexion is getting less and less radiant.

I mean, I am turning 30 in a few months’ time and all I pray is for me to age gracefully.

Friends do say I look tired too...

I don't blame them, as I AM SERIOUSLY TIRED.

Please ah, God... let me age gracefully, ok?

Look at my dark circles

Actually, he kinda did answered my prayer...

I was introduced to Body Perfect Ladies Beauty & Slimming Haven at The Plaza, Northpoint, Mid Valley City and at first I thought the name of the brand, should be only for slimming purposes right?

I was wrong.

Basically, they wanted to create a perfect image for ladies from head to toe.

When I stepped into the beauty haven, it has this cosy and home-ly vibe. The staffs were super friendly and not to mention, some of their staff won awards for being loyal to the company. You know the company is good when staffs are loyal. They have been working there for more than 10-13 years. They must have really loved all those treatments for making them look beautiful, I mean who would leave right?

The beauty haven has spacious treatment rooms, deluxe spa facilities with Jacuzzi, clean restrooms, 
shower area, private lockers, relaxation lounge, dressing area, juice bar, sauna and even complimen-
tary parking services for guests to enjoy and relax.

The private lockers for each individual clients

I was very privileged to try Body Perfect’s renowned Medi-Oxygen Infusion Facial Therapy which most celebrities do for their picture-perfect moment. This is also one of their biggest beauty secret apart from plastic surgeries or Botox.


Because it's Anti-ageing.

My current favourite word.

I guess my friends will now buy for me anti-ageing creams this Christmas or on my birthday.


Walking into the treatment room

The treatment started off with Qi & Lymphatic Drainage and head guat sar to help me relax and followed by the pampering facial. I haven't had any facial since I was pregnant and yes, my face is filled with impurities. 

They even showed it to me right after the extractions. Then came the oxygen infusion which I love.

The treatment incorporates pure 99% oxygen in a pressurized stream to remove impurities and deliver nutrients and hydration back to the skin. Trust me, breathing clean oxygen from the tank has this superb feeling. Divers will totally understand how this feels as we need to breathe in oxygen when we dive.

They even showed me my face after they cleanse half of it with oxygen and I notice it's more hydrated and brightened instantly.

The synergistic combination of oxygen anion mist and inhalation process provides you with the following benefits:

• Detoxifies the skin

• Brightens & rejuvenates dull skin

• Helps clear congested, blocked pores

• Delivers oxygen & nutrient

• Enhances collagen formation & healing

• Dermal regeneration

• Stimulates circulation

• Repairs and decreases free radicals

• Improves wrinkles, scars, large pores, bruise and acne

• Promotes good respiratory system

• Reduces stress

• Increases energy and alertness

• Improves sleep quality

• Relaxes the body

• Anti-fatigue

Super a lot of benefits right?


It has been a week since the treatment and I felt that my skin texture has improved, my dark eye circles are lightened and my skin is more hydrated. Hydration is very important for me as I still breastfeed Mika and he takes a lot of water out from me.

I also experienced the Body Perfect's Full Body Detoxification Treatment a week after my facial.
This unique treatment adopts a synergized combination. They commenced the treatment with the traditional French Lymphatic technique, which is a technique that improves lymphatic circulation. 

Next, the micro currents from the state-of-the-art apparatus will "draw out" toxins from your deeper skin layer. By the elimination of toxins, it will allow our cells to oxygenate, and to regenerate easier. It also promotes and encourages absorption and penetration of natural ingredients applied onto the skin.

The benefits?

· Thorough Detoxification technique that enhances optimum skin health.

· Stimulates lymphatic drainage and eliminates trapped toxins.

· Exfoliation of dead skin cells and excessive impurities.

· Improves skin immune system.

· Anti-oxidant.

Prevents formation of age spots and ageing skin.

· Boosts moisture content of skin.

· Promotes skin brightening and regain smooth and clear appearance.

· Alleviate painful dry cracked feet progressively.

I was shocked after they showed me the quality imported plant fibre sponge that they used during the 
treatment. It was filthy. I saw a drastic difference. This treatment is not only on the surface layer but it actually penetrates deeper to cleanse all the impurities from the dermis layer of your skin.

The quality and imported plant fibre sponges which showcases the before (right) and after (left)

Straight away I can feel my skin is much smoother and brighter compared to the other parts which they haven't do. I love how they always show me the before and after which is a clear evidence that the treatment is really working well.

I love how my skin feels smooth, nourished, brightened and relaxed. It's like they took my stress away and suck out all the negativity!

Thank you so much for the amazing experience!

At The Treatment Room

I highly recommend to everyone because they provide a new realm of beauty treatments that combines advanced technology, superior quality products and skilled techniques to deliver an experience of luxury and comfort.

Also, they just don't believe in one product like most places do. They do carry a few international 
brands from France, Germany, USA, Belgium and Switzerland which I think it's good as they have thoroughly explained that everyone’s skin is different.

Thank you so much to the Beauty Professional for explaining to me carefully and the Body Perfect 
Team for the unforgettable experience!

To everyone reading this blog, if you want to relax and be gorgeous, you may check out their

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