Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Current beauty obsessions

Hello everyone, I am doing a review about my current beauty obsessions and hope you will be inspired to try any of these beauty products. I took these pictures around 3pm while Mika and Sheena was napping. Mika did woke up several times, hence the colour differences from 3pm - 7pm lighting. I always love photographing beautiful things and I hope you enjoy this beauty post.

First stop, H&M Beauty which was introduced by my friend Bella whom I recently met during our Olay trip to Singapore, but unfortunately we can't get it here in Kuala Lumpur. I actually bought it in Singapore last week while I was there for a day trip.

When Bella showed me the products that she bought, I was amazed by their colours. They really do have a wide selection of colours from lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, EVERYTHING! I seriously had a hard time choosing the colours that I wanted. Poor Mart, have to wait for me while I go round and round at their beauty corner. I've finally came to a conclusion to buy their blusher and their face mask. I mean, how adorable is their packaging? I am all about packaging because I want to make my make up table look aesthetically pleasing. 

I love my both of my blushers, Deep Brown and Rosy Brown. I've only tried Deep Brown and  the texture is actually quite rich, so you need to apply softly from it to your skin. Just gently brush it off lightly to your smiley cheeks to create the perfect look. I haven't tried the face mask, but I'll surely update you guys on that.

I think I am most obsess is with this beauty elixir by Caudalie. I was walking around Bangsar Village 2 where I saw this huge poster of this bottle which Jason Wu designed. I couldn't get my eyes off his design. Immediately I went inside Ken's Apothecary and the sales girl was so nice to me. She told me that this beauty elixir gives instant radiance and brightening while your pores will shrink. She had me when she said " It is also Victoria Beckham's favourite ". I was SOLD. But I bought a smaller bottle first to test it out. It was RM 65 for 30 ml. After I tried it for almost a month, I actually went back to the shop to get the bigger bottle. I really love this product as I feel fresh, and notice the instant brightening and radiance. It makes me feel good. I use this before and after makeup or whenever I am feeling tired. It is now my toner and I love it very very very very much.

1st October was the date that Victoria Beckham was releasing her makeup line together with Estēe Lauder in Malaysia. I was really excited about it but unfortunately I was away from the city so I couldn't get any. Once I was back, I managed to go to Gardens Mall but they don't have it there. It is only available at PARKSON KLCC and Pavilion. I was quite unlucky as most of their product was almost sold out and some were already long gone. I really wanted the BRONZER 01 Java Sun but it was sold out. Instead, I bought their lip liner which I love! It gives you this smooth nude brownish look just like VB's signature makeup. I also bought their eye liner that comes with a highlighter for your bottom  water line. Alternatively, you may use it also as an eye shadow to highlight your inner eye corners.

I was also blessed to receive this gift from Estēe Lauder. It is their new anti- ageing creme which is really rich and I can't wait to see how my skin will change in a months time. I am trying my best to apply it AM and PM and hope my wrinkles will miraculously lighten. This will also make your skin more firmer, supple, radiant and deeply nourished with plant stem cell extract and their powerful new skin-revitalizing technology, this light, multi-action, oil-free soft creme is the potent key to younger-looking skin.

Did I tell you that Estēe Lauder was my first makeup crush? I remembered my mom bought me my first set of makeup when I was studying in KL, and it was from Estēe Lauder. She is a fan of them and she only wanted me to use good products. She's obsess with their perfumes.

I also got this recently from Hugo Boss,  it has this strong feminine scent which is rich with exquisite notes like honeyed Peach, delicate Freesia bloom, captivating Osmanthus flower and intensely roasted Cocoa. If you like any of the notes, then this perfume is for you. It will make you feel like a Lady Boss with it's rich, strong yet light notes.

I've been using this Laneige BB cushion ever since Korea and this is their latest product. I used it everyday and I blend it with my beauty blender. It's the perfect day to night wear as it's light and it gives you this dewy skin look, making you look younger and fresh. I got this from PARKSON with  an awesome deal so I bought 2 boxes right away.

I can't believe I haven't tried this Louboutin Charm Lipstick yet! My good friend, Joyce bought it for me during my birthday in February and I so sayang wanna use it. I love the design so much as it looks elegant and I'm sure  the texture should be smooth too. I am still saving this for a special occasion.

This matte lipstick need no introduction. My ultimate favourite! I am currently using the KOKO K and it's one of the best matte lipstick that I've ever tried. Super smooth to apply and it dries quickly as well. It's quite hard to order one and they don't ship to Malaysia. I bought this from my friend Su Anne as the colour doesn't suit her. Then I bought one again online and shipped it to Jasiminne's apartment in London. It's quite hard to get one of these as it's always sold out. Plus with the different timing, it is completely madness to get one.

I got this while I was in Barcelona. At first I didn't know about this brand but I love everything in it. The clothes, bags, shoes! But they are quite expensive. WHYYYYYYYY!!!! I bought a few of their beauty products for my girlfriends and they love it. Their body mist actually lasts really long and the smell is to die for. You guys should check the shop out if you happen to be in Barcelona. You won't be disappointed.

NYX! NYX! NYX! I can't stress how much I love their soft matte lip creme! I bought different colours for different moods and occasions. I just bought the two deep red tones for my trip to Busan which I will be going end of the year with the husband. I am so ready for winter! The one that I daily uses will be STOCKHOLM which is my favourite amongst all. Do remember to check it out! Nice and affordable. You may purchase them from Sephora. You just walk in and see where is the most crowded, then you can find NYX there and then! Good luck :)

I love love love dry shampoos! It's even the Kardashian's must have items when it comes to hair. It gives volume and nice fluffy hair. This is already my second bottle. I love Percy and Reed because I am a sucker for packaging, Enough said. But, if you have anything to attend last minute and your hair looks abit oily, spray away with this! Helps instantly by removing the oily hair look.

So, what do you think? Found anything that you fancy? :)

My Makeup table :) If you spot anything that you want a review from me, do comment or drop me a message.

Before I end this post, I have to tell you this super secret to soft hair. It's the KENT COMB!You guys must seriously get this comb, I got mine from 1MK from D'Natural Hair & Beauty Shop. Try to comb one side of your hair and feel the differences. You're welcome. It can be mind blowing, I warn you first. Your husband will surely stroke your hair more often.

Till then, take care and stay beautiful :)


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