Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Zeb and Kylye

 Finally the day has come! Zebbers has finally gotten married. 

It was a Godly and beautiful ceremony and reception with 75 tables at the Setia City Convention Centre last Sunday. It was full of laughter and tears of joy and I've never seen Zeb cries, being his friend for more than 7-8 years? 

I first met Zeb when I knew Marcus back in those Laundry Bar days. Zeb is Marcus' best friend and they have known each other for 30 years and have been great brothers ever since. This kind of friendship is hard to find nowadays. I remember when I first met Zeb even before Marcus and I started dating. He is such a cool guy to be around. He is wise, intelligent, a natural born leader and a man of his words. 

Hmmm, why I feel like I am writing a wedding speech for you now? 

Hehe... any ways, I just want to wish you and Kylye all the best in your new chapter together. I know she will surely take good care of you with her good heart, cute smile and amazing cooking skills. Thank you Kylye for making Zeb truly happy. 

 Forgot to add this : Zeb is also very handsome... or else later I kena marah

My squad and I had a lot of fun that night! Catching up all together, dancing and Snapchattinggg!
If only Lina and Jas were there, it would be picture perfect for me.

Yup, that's me carrying a Mika's milk bottle

The bride and groom grand entrance

Marcus and Stanley giving their AWESOME speech

Oh wait, did they said something wrong? 

Mika also had his first taste of Whiskey in this wedding.... He dipped his fork into a whisky glass and started licking it and his reaction was priceless 

The couple gave a short and lovely speech, thanking everyone

Woah, where did this came from? Cuci Mata

Michiekins, Sheena Chan, Jillykins and Sukins 

Joseph, VE, Panda Bear, Cat Man, Kevin and Loris.

Friends of Zeb and Kylye

Jolyna, Vicca and VE

Martin, my new tennis kaki
YUP, I recently started playing tennis again! 

Mika and his Mama & Ah peak

Mika and I

Yeah, I know.... so many pictures of us right? We certainly had a difficult time picking the best 

The photographer who captured all this beautiful Black and White photos, thank you Mussadique of

Errrr... the good fellows?

Doesn't Jess look lovely here? OK lah Keith, you also very handsome!


 Boyz || Men

Lady Boss

The Best Man

 I shall end this post with a picture of a car they used to picked the bride and the entourage 

 Yup, the flew from PJ to KLANG

Thank you Zeb and Kylye for the lovely wedding, hope you had fun as much as we do and YEAHHHH!!! Let's see some babies in the few coming months? Hopefully Mika will have a friend soon! Or if you ever get a daughter, we can set them up like what Marcus said that how you both met is like an arranged marriage. 




  1. omg, i love your dress!! Did you design it yourself?

    1. Yes I did!!! It will be available for sale soon too :) as I am designing a range for women :)

  2. Yay! where can i view all of your products? Cant wait!!!!

  3. Hi Michelle, was wondering when u introduced bottle to MIka did he reject your breast? You dont bf him when you are outside? I am so jealous that you can wear so pwetty to dinners. My 5m old rejecting bottle and i am afraid he will reject my breast if he successfully accepted the bottle :(

    1. i introduced back when he is one years old but it was really hard as he is used to latching on me and yes i breastfeed him very often outside as well :) but to me, have a good balance cos i know latching can be stressful yet rewarding... now mika is OK with breast and bottle :) phew

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  6. obsessed with your dress! (and you. xx)


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