Sunday, 7 August 2016

What's in my diaper bag part 2

I finally found a diaper bag which I love! 
Yeah, so for almost two years I was just using the Zara tote bag which was quite dangerous knowing someone could just steal my wallet and phone  -_- but I do alternate it will our PAPA bag which belongs to Marcus, but now I am a proud owner of a Storksak bag which I gotten from on SALE!

I bought the Storksak Ashley in blue because I think it looks very classy and boyish. There is also one in coral colour, but since my first born in a boy, then BLUE it is. 

Oh Mika! I wonder what you found in the bag?

Your water bottle of course! 

Ps : I stopped using plastic bottle after reading Michelle Lim's book about parenting and followed her to buy glass bottles from LifeFactory.

So, let's see how spacious is this bag?

What's inside my diaper bag this round?

1. Merries diapers
2. A set of clothes
3. Water bottle
4. Books to entertain Mika
5. Toys to entertain Mika
6. Dry cloth to wipe him
7. Wet wipes 
8. MaMa's wallet, phone & lipstick

Not only the bag looks good, but it is also very nice to carry as the strap is wider, so my shoulder is not that painful whenever I am carrying it. I mean all mothers should know that a diaper bag can get really heavy at times! Especially when you are going out the whole day, I will add in Mika's porridge, his cutleries, extra clothes and diapers and now not forgetting his MILK, because I am also feeding him formula and also breastfeeding him at the same time. Those were seriously heavy.

What other fancy stuff do you keep in your diaper bag?



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