Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How I Wean Off My Toddler

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I wean off Mika, so here's my story :)

Once he reached his one year old birthday, I told myself and gave myself a pat at the back.

I've done a great job breastfeeding Mika.

Now it's time for me to relax and let formula takes it course. 

Well, that was what I thought. 

Just switch to formula. Easy. Then he would sleep throughout the night ( STTN )

Then came his first birthday, threw him a party and the next day I told myself, MERDEKA MICH! 


He rejects bottle and formula kau kau the very next day, he only tried less than 1 oz and straight away throws the bottle away and hunts for the breast.

At that time, I was shocked! I was NOOOOOOOOOOO there goes my life. But don't get me wrong, all mothers knows that BREASTFEEDING is a LOVE  HATE thing. I honestly feel the same. 

LOVE that you are feeding your hungry child and the bonding is really great

HATE because you are just too tired as sometimes your baby will take such a long time 

So, I seriously thought I was doomed! 

But the key is to be PATIENCE. Sorry, there is no shortcut in motherhood.

It took me about 6 months to successfully wean him off the boobs.

I had to take him to Korea as he rejects bottle in October, but I told myself that I deserve a nice holiday in Europe, so I willl try my best as I have 6 months to go.

So everyday, not giving up... I will make formula for him to try.

Tested a few brands, wasted a lot of money ( IT IS SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE ) time and effort.

I did not gave up. 

I will always cheer and clap my hands loudly whenever he drinks 1 oz or more. 

I would always encourage him and my family did help me also as they knew it was really hard!

From 1 oz, it went to 3 oz then he will ask for the nipple again. But good progress.

Then my friend Qin introduced me this method which I think works like MAGIC

She told me to apply lemon on my nipple. Mika will surely rejects it.

I was really excited to try it

I walked to Jaya Grocer, got 2 lemons, cut one lemon to half, rub it on my nipple and went to find Mika. 

I created this story :

Hey Mika, MaMa nipple pain pain, ouch ouch! You want to see?

He came close...

Smell it and

YUCKKKKK he said CHAO CHAO ( smelly! SMELLLLYY!!! ) 


It was a success! 

He really hated the smell and insisted he drinks formula. 

PS : Please remember to tell your husband or whoever staying with you that theres a lemon in the fridge which you use to rub your nipple and strictly not to be consumed. 

So that was part one of the story. But you have to be hardworking and fast whenever he ask for the nipple again, run to the fridge and hide rubbing the lemon so that he doesn't know.

From there it slowly increased from 1 oz to at least 5-6 oz.

Then I went to Europe and Mika was already fully on formula.


Ok, now comes part 2.

What happened next?

Now ( Mika is turning 2 soon! need to plan his birthday party ) he is on Formula and MaMa Milk.

Yes, I know... Told you it's a LOVE HATE thing... 

My breastmilk actually came back because Mika kept sucking it even tough it was already nothing left. I let him do it out of comfort and to bond our relationship back since I left him for 2 weeks. 

To my surprise, after 2-4 days of sucking, it actually came back.

He will suck in the morning for a while, then go out for his breakfast which consists of eggs, oats and fruits, followed by lunch then later in the late noon, 4oz for his nap time and suck for less than 5 mins to fall asleep, dinner,  then 8-9 oz of formula to sleep till next morning. But NO, sometimes he still wakes up in the middle of the night. 

So, there you go! That's how I wean Mika off. But now I seriously want him to STTN, any suggestions that works? Would really appreciate some tips! 

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  1. I am trying to wean off my baby (1y7m) but to no avail as he rejects bottle and formula too. Even though I have feed him porridge/rice 4 times a day and cereal mixed with formula milk, he still hunts for breast especially when he wants to sleep/nap. Once in a while, he didn't ask for breast when he goes to bed but in the middle of night, he sure will wakes up and looking for breast again. Sigh. So is very hard for me to wean him off. But I might try your lemon strategy and see how. Thanks for sharing your experience. Reading your blog has comforted me that not only my baby doesn't want to wean off and cant STTN. It is normal.

    Btw, how you make him accept the bottle?

    1. he takes quite a while to get used to the bottle... we praised him a lot and cheer whenever he drinks with the bottle, he loves the attention.. then slowly he accepted the bottle :)

    2. he takes quite a while to get used to the bottle... we praised him a lot and cheer whenever he drinks with the bottle, he loves the attention.. then slowly he accepted the bottle :)

  2. its ok for him not to sttn.

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