Monday, 6 June 2016

10 Things Not To Say To A New Mom

1. You look tired

OH HELL NO, ( *takes  out hoop earrings ) NEVER NEVER NEVER say that to a new mom, she is adjusting herself and taking care of her baby who wakes up every 3 hours! Instead, you can say this : Go and take a nap while I help you take care of the baby. 

2. Your child is too thin/too fat

We as mom, do our very best in feeding our child. Mothers will NEVER STARVE their children. My doctor told me it's normal for their weight to go UP and DOWN as they will eventually catch up. Besides, if you don't have any children, please don't say such comment, it does hurt the mom as it indicates that we don't really take care of our children.

3. Are you pregnant?

NEVER NEVER NEVER ask any woman if she's pregnant. Enough said.

4. Why you give your children the Ipad?

This deserve a whole blog post :) Coming soon... 

5. Do you do anything else besides being a mom?

Oh let me see :

1. House manager

2. Maid
3. Cook
4. Driver
5. Teacher
6. Professional screamer
7. Professional toy-picker
8. Event Planner
9. Professional Baby Kisser and Hugger
10. I even work on HOLIDAYS 


NEVER look down at Stay At Home Mothers, instead ask them : How does she do it :)

6. Are you still breastfeeding?

I guess most mothers are sick of this question. They don't want to be reminded that one of their boobs is bigger than the other one. LOL  #truestory 

7. Did you wanted a girl or a boy?

I think this question is pretty sensitive. Mothers will always opt for healthy baby as that's more important. 

8. When was the last time you showered?

-__- You want someone to punch you in the boob? I have to admit that it's harder to shower when I am alone with Mika as I can't leave him alone even though he is sleeping. WHY? Once I went to the shower while Mika was sleeping and half way thru washing my hair, he woke up -_- ! Not a good scene. I had to quickly get out and breastfeed him in my towel, semi dry. Not cool bro.

9. Why are you still wearing your PJs at 4pm?

I am looking at you SU ANNE MARSHA CLARK 

My bestie asked me via SnapChat when she saw one of my snaps and I SNAPPED back LOL, but she was just joking :) LOVE YOU B!

10. This one is for the husband : Here, the baby wants MILK

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY all husband will pass back the baby once it starts crying and straight away say : Baby wants MILK. 

I am sure there are many more! Any mothers out there wanna share? 

*If you see my hair brushed and had bra on by noon time, you know it's been a good morning*



  1. 5, 8 and 10!! Always happen. Can you share your breastfeeding journey? It is difficult for many new moms.

    1. hehehe spot on! the number 10 used to happen to me alot of times! :D

  2. 5, 8 and 10!! Always happen. Can you share your breastfeeding journey? It is difficult for many new moms.

  3. this post is so spot on and very down to earth! and it is so laden with humor i had a great time reading. by the way, i cant really picture you with hair un-brushed or milk stained clothes cos you're always looking so fab :D


    1. Hey Yieng!

      Hehe, trust me... I see more of me being a mother than dressing up! oh how time has changed LOL! and yes, my clothes all have milk stains hehe

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