Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Modern Parenthood

Home is not a place, it's a feeling

and it is one of the best feeling, you feel safe and warm  when you are home. To make it better, a clean home is a must, especially even more so when Mika came into our lives. My husband and I always wants the best for him. I mean, which family doesn't want the best for their children, right?

I recently converted to be a KAO user. So here’s my journey with the KAO family!

Morning :

If you didn’t know, Mika actually loves helping me with house chores. He likes to put all the dirty clothes inside the washing machine. I didn’t help him at all, he does it all by himself.

I will only help him pour the ATTACK detergent and start the washing machine. I love the smell of the detergent and I even use it to wash Mika’s clothes too. It powerful yet gentle.

Afternoon :

If you don’t know KAO, it's from Japan and Merries is Japan No.1 diaper brand. This is my first time using Merries diapers actually. My first impression was  that it's super soft compared to others.

Here’s Mika brushing his teeth, wearing MERRIES diapers.

First ( fluke ) experiment :

I was testing the absorbency of this diaper. I started off from 6:30 pm ( right after this evening shower ) and completely forgotten to change his diaper until the next morning at 8 am! Most shocking part, it didn't leak at all and he didn't get any diaper rash!

I am really impressed.

I am a converter now ! GIVE ME MERRIES !

Also, another important part is that it keeps Mika feeling dry so that Mika can sleep well at night. That's very important to me. I will continue this journey and will update you all about it.

Second experiment :

The softness of Merries diapers is just amazing. Soft like Mika's bum bum. It is so gentle with Mika's skin. No red tight marks at the side as it's really soft and it didn't hurt Mika's skin.

Third ( fluke ) experiment :

My sister Lina was handling Mika while I was busy doing something, so she took him to the pool without taking out his diaper. Guess what? The cotton didn't even come out or torn! One diaper I've tried before this actually torn apart as it was too heavy and all the cotton just came out, like a smash diaper. I had to pick up and clean the whole mess beside the pool area.

So, in conclusion :

GOOD ABSORBENT and it's SUPER SOFT and gentle on Mika’s skin.

Mika testing the softness and how stretchable the side of the diapers can be.

Do you like it?


You gotta try it yourself and you'll be amazed!

If any of my friends wanna try it, come and find me, i’ll give you some samples.

Besides keeping Mika’s bum bum clean, the house must also be clean!

I've got a few new good friends who will help me with this. GOODBYE germs and HELLO sparkling clean home! Of course one of the best feeling is coming home to a clean house. I think even your husband will be back early from work just to stay in the clean home.

Clean floor, clean and smell good toilets, grease free kitchen and nice smelling laundry.


Thank you Magiclean products for making my life easier! Even now my husband can help as it's easier to clean.

One thing about my home is that there is a lot of hair on the floor! ( Mostly my hair LOL ) and the old school brooms like cannot sweep properly as the hair and dust will just fly away and when I wanted a quick clean, I am so lazy to take out the big vacuum cleaner, so I just use the Magiclean Wiper. They have both Dry Sheet and Wet Sheet.

Evening :

Mika loves the wiper so much that he wants to clean the house by himself.

Such a good boy, helping MaMa to clean.

 Even better when PaPa helps around. Marcus said the wiper is really easy and convenient to use, it definitely saves time and strength.

PS from wife to husband : Perhaps you can now help us clean the house more?

I like how innovative the design is, ultra slim head that reaches at narrow spaces!

Once I took it away, this was Mika’s expression. PRICELESS! LOL

This is the outcome from cleaning, so dirty! YUCK!

 KAO will be introducing a guidebook titled ‘The Secret to My Modern Parenthood', which contains 12 chapters covering topics and home care tips from Japan about understanding babies, knowing the importance of fatherhood, family budgeting, environmental hygiene, methods to cleaning household items to testimonial from doctors to parents and experts as well.

You can find all about it here at :

KAO is also having a home makeover contest titled


You can stand a chance to win a home makeover & KAO products worth up to RM30,000. To join, purchase RM38 worth of Magiclean /Attack products and minimum 1 packet of Merries diapers. Contest runs from 2 May to 31 July 2016.

Thank you so much KAO for making every mother’s life easier. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Now we know why Japanese don’t hire maids.

MaMa Michie



  1. We are using all the same KAOs! Recently stocked up Merries at the baby fair. It's way cheaper (like rm5 per packet) .. So next round maybe you can pit stop at their booth just outside the fair (no need squeeze all the way in) and grab by cartons hehe

    1. hey yes! cant wait for the next baby expo! which one are u using now? the tape or the pants? :)

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