Thursday, 10 March 2016

For Mothers who needs to get ready fast

Dear mothers, 

I know you sacrifice a lot in raising a child. But please, do not give up on yourself. You must always take care of yourself first, then only you can look after your child. Do remember to eat well, sleep and exercise too.

 Another one of the biggest thing that mothers ignore is not getting dolled up.

You might ask, WHERE GOT TIME? 

Trust me, there is TIME

YOU just need to find TIME

and this is how I, as a MOTHER, get ready for a day out in 15 MINUTES

Ps : I've linked each product that I am using, click on the brand to read more info about the particular product.

First of all, you need a good base. I am not talking about liquid foundation or that thick ICI that you slap on your face. I am talking about good skin care that can make your skin glow and feel silky smooth  that will help putting make up on much easier.

I start with washing my face with my CHANEL cleanser, followed by scrubbing it with HIMALAYA walnut scrub

I also use the Jelly Cleansing Puff which I bought from Seoul, and it's one of the best thing that I bought under RM 15! This cleansing puff really smoothes my face and makes it so much easier to apply anything on it later. I highly recommend that you get one from your favourite Korean skin care shop! Even Michelle Phan talks about it! 

After cleansing, I would apply moisturiser and I am currently using ORIGINS or sometimes I alternate with my CHANEL moisturiser which I love, but it's super expensive.. so I only use it for special occasions. 

Then I will proceed on applying IOPE air cushion which I got from Seoul. I adore this cushion type foundation, it's very light and feels like I didn't apply any foundation at all! It gives my face a natural glow and I like how radiant I look.

All I need to do is dab around and I'm done! Super quick and easy

Next most important is drawing my eye brows. I am currently using TARTE Amazonian clay waterproof eye brow mousse and it comes with a brush. Seriously, the brush is everything. I first comb my brows with the spolie and then proceed to draw them nicely with the angle brush. Brows are everything as it shapes the face. This part you may take your time as it's very important.

I love the SHIN CHAN brows! Do you? 
Fat like The Very Hungry Caterpiller

Oh, mother's joke 


Next I apply blusher with a smile and I am currently using the colour orgasm by NARS. I want to look healthy, so I always add a dash of colour on my cheeks. Or else, I will look sick and pale.

Ps: It's really hard to get this particular colour because it's so famous! My sister was so lucky to find it in NARS Pavilion during my birthday. 

Then I will apply mascara to make my eyes look bigger, because as a mother with lack of sleep you seriously need to make your eyes POP! 

Note that I skip eyeliner if I want to get ready fast as eyeliner is one of the trickiest thing for me! Once it's not winged properly, habislah my mood! I can't function. LOL. So, my advise is to skip the eyeliner and just be happy with the mascara!

I am currently using BENEFIT mascara 

Then I would apply the TOPSHOP lip marker and not lipstick because my baby will easier smudge my lipstick as his fingers will surely touch my face! and trust me, he smudged my lipstick before. 

So, no lipstick! 

Use lip markers/stains or coloured lip balm. I fancy the 3CE lip stains which you can get from Sephora as I think TOPSHOP has already stopped bringing in their lips stain.

Hmmm.. what next? 

Oh yeahhhhh, HAIR! This is my tip for all mothers to have a nice quick chic hairstyle

 If your hair used to be like mine, long and frizzy, please cut it short and do RELAXING. I did mine at Number76 StarHill and I highly recommend Yves. This haircut and treatment SAVE ME A LOT OF TIME! I kid you not! All I need to do is some light ironing which takes about 2-3 mins. If you don't want to cut it short, I used to iron my hair at night when Mika is asleep for my next day event. Yes, I get ready a day before the event because this will take too much of my time. So, I just went to chopped it off.

Anyways, short hair are in trend right now and I love how young I look. Many people say I look like a kid but for me, it's Chic.

 Voila~ and I am DONE!

fresh face, air cushion, eye brows, mascara, blusher, lip stain and light ironing

These are the steps I used for a day out with Mika and my husband. 

My husband Marcus likes the fact that I can get ready fast,  so that he doesn't have to wait for me at the door with his hungry and growling stomach.

Hope this helps some mother out there to get dolled up quick! 

and yes, we can all ignore the unfolded clothes at the back.. I can do that later at night when the baby goes to sleep. 

My mother gave me this advise which I will never forget :

"You must look even more beautiful after marriage and giving birth."

Thank you mom! LOVE LOVE! 

Ma Ma Michie

Psss: Some people think that I did plastic surgery, but I actually did not. I also didn't inject any fillers or botox. I might look different maybe because of my weight? In high school I was much bigger maybe around 50 kg or more but since college it has dropped to 45 kg and now 41 kg. 

Or perhaps it's my makeup? 

Also, my mom is eurasian, so I naturally I inherit her nose and light brown eyes. 

Y.O.U should know since you are also part eurasian. 😒



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  4. Love ur look. I bought the 3CE lip marker and i love it. I wonder can i get the IOPE in Malaysia? Those online is genuine product? Btw, u use N21 or N23 ? Can share what do u use to remove ur makeup? :)

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  6. Hey Teac Mich ! Saw u were using Himalaya's product hehe just wanna let u know that maybe I can get it for u from India next time cause it will be whole lot cheaper lol ��

  7. thanks for the information.keep sharing.


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