Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hello Toddler Mika

Hello baby :) 

 You are forever my baby, even though you are a 16 years old boy reading this post or stalking what MaMa used to be like by reading all of my older posts. 

STOP! Don't stalk MaMa! :P

Yesterday you turned 16 months! Woohoo! One year 4 months. Can't believe time pass so quickly and now you are able to walk, run and talk a little bit. Your first word was PaPa :) You can't say MaMa until Aunty Lina taught you much later and you keep calling NaiNai = Yeh Yeh for quite a while... till we bribe you with food. Yes, we could easily bribe you with food, just like your PaPa!

You could say many words already by now, you could even form a few sentences :

1. MaMa, milk please
2. Woah, NICE! touch! 
3. MaMa, carry please
4. Aiya! Aiya! Aiya! Aiya x40 

You are on the " parrot " stage now where you can just copy whatever we said, or whatever we forced you to say. You could even wish MaMa " Happy Birthday " when I turned 30! 

You would even say " HERMES " cleary and " YVES SAINT LAURENT " (not that clear )  when Aunty Jasiminne taught you that! Imagine the shock-ness in our faces.

You could even count 1-2-3 and say A B C without any help from us, just bribe with food... and you could finish it when we helped, but you had trouble pronouncing ' W ' 

You are also such a cheeky boy! You dislike your car seat and you would just CRY and SCREAM and lie to MaMa that you want MILK so that I would take you out. LOL! MaMa knows your trick now.

You are growing so fast and you keep kicking PaPa during your sleep! Some of them are pretty painful, make sure you massage PaPa when you are older. 

You prefer plastic toys rather than soft toys. You love playing with cheap toys which PaPa bought from the RM 2 and RM 5 shop. No kidding. You don't have a favourite toy. You prefer playing with the packaging of the toys, mineral bottles or straws. 

You love wheels but you also love pink teapots.

You are quite vain also, you like to look at yourself at the mirror and sometimes you kiss the mirror.

So unpredictable :)

You really bring joy to our family, Mika :) You are such a smiley kid, the one who always laugh and always say "Hello" to random strangers in the lift, don't ever change that.




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