Monday, 15 February 2016

forever young

Happy 30th Birthday to me! 

Initially I wanted a big party because I am turning 30, but then I thought to myself, I just want the closest of friends and family who's always been for me to be there by my side to celebrate this special moment. So, it was a small and intimate party but super fun. I mean, all you need is your good friends to be around, right? 

Jas and I planned this party since December and since Henry's birthday is also on February, she thought, why not combined both party?

I wanted GOLD to be the main colour as I wanted to celebrate only with my GOLDEN GIRLS! 

I got myself a 3 tier cake as I am 30 years old, decorated with Peonies while I got Henry a GUINNESS CAKE. Both cakes are from the talented Jess of JKBakery, same baker from Mika's first birthday cake.

My kins :) My everything, My Golden Girls
So much beauty in one picture

We celebrated at the Ambassador Suite, Berjaya Times Square Penthouse ( same location as my 80's birthday theme party ) on 13 February which was my actual birth date. I love planning parties, the never ending scrolling on Pinterest and pinning it just makes me so happy. Do you like our dessert table deco? It's all done by Jasiminne and I! We should really start our own party planning business hehe...

My Ah Hwa kissing her Ma Hen Li

Michelle, Ma Belle

The countess

My girls

This year my party started a bit late as I had to put Mika to bed first, then only I can entertained my friends properly and start dancing, drinking and playing games. Mika always comes first, my party people can wait, RIGHT? These bunch are too awesome!

The night started with some drinking and gambling while I was busy breastfeeding

2 random things happened that very night :

1.  The Malaysian beats the English in the drinking game!

2. When Jasiminne called the concierge for some newspaper and they sent a SOFA!


The party isn't all about drinking and gambling only, we also played two games from our childhood

1. Musical Chair
2.  Newspaper

Yup, we all wanted to be FOREVER YOUNG that very night...

Judging for the newspaper game where they have to step on that tiny newspaper

After many rounds of games, it was time to dance and boy, the last girl dancing was at 5 am! I was already soundly asleep by 4 am but Mika woke me up at 5 am! LOL

The very next day I crashed right away after reaching home

This is the scene in my room, on my bed

Mich : I am hungry, can you get me an orange?
Marcus : Sure

( He went out to get me an orange, came back and I was asleep already )

I didn't even know that I was asleep....

Anyways, back to the party!

With my kesayangan after dancing :) Thank you for flying down just to celebrate my birthday! Love you so much 


The After Party

What a mess right? I really pity the person who's gonna clean our mess and this is only the dinning table, the kitchen is much worst. 

My gifts from my love ones :)

Thank you

Marcus : For the lovely Cartier Love Ring, love you so much!
Chelle, Mart & Lyss : For the Hammam Spa Voucher! Can't wait for a spa session, such a thoughtful gift
Lina, Jill & Sheena : LOVE LOVE LOVE the beauty products from NARS, URBAN DECAY, JO MALONE and PHYTO! You girls are my rock! #TMGS
KK, Zeb, Stan, Ching, JK, Jess, Keith : Thank you for the Chanel gifts, it's my favourite scent and thanks for sliding some ANTI WRINKLE cream! LOL
Joyce & Nick : WOAHH! Thank you for the Louboutin Charm! I really love it! I really wanted one! Hope the kids had fun too :)
Brie, Zhong & John : Thank you for my first Dior lipstick! Kiss Kiss
Jasiminne : THANK YOU MY LOVE for planning this party with me :) Ps : Thank you V~

Thank you so much for making the party happening! I hope everyone had a blast

Photos taken by the infamous Posh, Broke & Bored



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