Thursday, 12 November 2015

My first Tatler Ball

I was invited by Jasiminne Yip from Posh Broke and Bored to accompany her to the Malaysia Tatler Ball 2015 since Henry, her English boyfriend couldn't make it to Malaysia this round. I was delighted and agreed, since I've never been to any of this high society kinda ball before.

I thought why not? 
I get to play dress up and not smelling like breast milk with messy hair hehe

I even brushed up on my social etiquette and fine dining skills, as I don't wanna embarrassed Jasiminne's mom, Vivienne Cheng whom is very well known amongst the high society people. 

First thing I did was finding the right gown. I've scrolled on so many pages and ended with this purple-ish princess dress from Magazine Boutique. I thought to myself, this dress is not very me, but I'll give it a try anyway. I wanted to try something different and always wanted a princess cut like cos I've always dressed in Mermaid cuts.

 I also went to 176 AVENUE which is newly opened by my cousin in law, Jolyna and her 2 partners to get my nails done! Adding some glitter won't hurt! It is located right opposite BSC. It's a one stop beauty saloon which I will blog about it more later.

Hello Ombre gel nails with bling bling

So, finally the time has come.

I don't know about you, but when people think about high society events, they will somehow think there's when snobbish people just talks about how much wealth they own, what car they are driving and blah blah blah, you get the picture.

But I didn't hear any of that, in fact, I was seated with two girls who are so pretty and so down to earth! The Fong sisters made me feel so welcomed when I told them it was my first time to the ball.

The ball started with speeches, followed by entertainer dancers and bands. It has this wedding vibe and I was at awe at the deco. Everyone was ready to paint the town red. Well, actually more to black.

The atmosphere has this soft dreamy feeling with purple hues which I love. Everything was perfect, the mood was right on point and the food was really good.

Right after dessert was served, the floor was open and you can see all the ladies gushed to the dance floor while their husband sits at the table, smoking cigars and enjoying their whiskey.

I thought Tatler Ball is all about dining and socializing, I've never could have guessed that there would be some dancing! I didn't make it to the dance floor as my back was aching and I don't think I can swing and dance anymore. So, I just sat on my table and enjoy my bottle of Moet.

Hello old friend ;)

 With Aunty V and Ah Hwa 
The dynamic mother and daughter duo, both looking fabulous as ever.

Thank you Ah Hwa aka my partner in crime for such a wonderful night! 


 Goodnight everyone :)

Will blog about Seoul soon! I am currently sick, hopefully I will recover soon enough to blog!



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