Sunday, 30 August 2015


It's been a while since I posted anything about fashion. To be honest, every since Mika came to my life, I shop less for myself and more for him. I do miss shopping and styling, I do miss having a styling job too but I cant do it because the hours are just too long and I can't leave Mika as I am breastfeeding him. Hopefully soon, as I plan to wean him after he turns one year old.

Anyways, back to #OOTD.

Got this TOP from #FASHIONVALET #FVOOTD #LOVEit ! I actually saw it in their Instagram and I really wanted it, so I actually went to their POP UP store in Bangsar Village 2 to try their sizes.
Got this in XS as it's quite huge. Plan to also wear this for my KOREA trip this November, during Fall to keep me warm and fuzzy.

Leggings from TOPSHOP which I bought many many years ago. Sunnies from TOMFORD and lastly my new boots from MELISSA! It's my new favourite from their MELISSA STAR WALKER FALL WINTER 2015! 

Once you have a statement shoe, it's actually easier to get dolled up. Everything that you gather will automatically look amazing once you have a statement piece in your ootd. This Star Walker is also super comfortable ( Everyone knows Melissa shoes are super soft and comfy ) and it kinda reminds me of my childhood during the 90s, my Spice Girl era where platform shoes were so in because of them. 

I can see the 90s fashion is back, especially with the A Line jeans skirt and the infamous neck band that every youngsters are wearing now. I was shocked to see that my time trend is now back, which means I am getting so much older, lol. Back then when I was wearing it, people used to teased me... some even commented it looked like a dog collar and ever since then I stopped wearing it. I guess people are more mean and less fashionable back then. 

We all know that the bell bottom jeans/pants are in trend now, you can see me wearing it every day to my tuition class back in 2000. Then the hyped stopped when the skinny jeans were in and I remembered clearly that time I told myself I ain't wearing bell bottom anymore! but.. now... hahhaah, I am looking for one high waisted piece. LOL. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER SAY ANYTHING! Because it has now come back to bite me. So yeah, I am looking for one high waisted bell bottom but the flare must be a smaller, not too big. Do not confused this with a PALAZZO pants, which is looser. 

The PALAZZO cutting/fabric which I love 

The high waisted bell bottom which I am looking for

images source from Pinterest

Since today is holiday ( HAPPY NATIONAL DAY, MALAYSIANS ) I am off shopping with the family for our Seoul trip! Ciao~

Hopefully to score a nice pants and winter clothes

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