Thursday, 11 June 2015

How I stay slim after pregnancy??

I've got a lot of people asking me how I get slim fast after giving birth. Here's my answer or rather what I've been doing for these past 7 months +

1. I stop taking OBIMIN ( pregnancy supplements ) even though I was advised to take after giving birth, but I always seems to forgotten about it, or rather I just hate swallowing pills. Yes, I am the type who cant swallow pills -_-|||

2. I don't even exercise. I can feel everyone is rolling their eyes at me. Ok, let me rephrase, I CAN'T EXERCISE due to my stomach muscle separation which is still not really healed. I kinda lost the ability to run :( which is really sad for me.

3.  I think breastfeeding is one of the key point for me on losing weight fast, even though I eat more   because breastfeeding makes you hungry and thirsty. It is exhausting. It's a love hate relationship. There are a few times where I wanted to feed baby with Formula. I mean, how bad can Formula be, right? Most 80's babies grew up in Formula and we are doing ok.

4. Mika is my cardio. He is roughly about 8 kg. Enough said. I can carry him with one hand. No joke.

5. I am a STAY AT HOME MOM, I do house work too whenever I am free... I scrub the toilet quietly while Mika is asleep.

6. I don't take any formula milk for woman, the doctor gave me a few packets to try on but I never like milk. I only took one supplement called AFA which my MIL ask me to take.

7. I eat clean. My MIL cooks healthy food for us :) Breakfast I will always have 2 fried eggs with bread or sweet potato which Lina steams for me. Followed by chicken, vege, soup for lunch and dinner. We always have normal Chinese food.

So, there you go! This is basically what I have been doing ever since Mika was born.

I still look like 3 months pregnant after Mika was born, but due to stomach muscle separation, I did wore this wrap that the doctor gave me. She asked me to wrap around my stomach and I noticed that my tummy grew much smaller after a month. It's just like a normal back wrap which you can find in a sports shop. I had to wear that wrap to make my stomach muscle joined back so that I could walk again. I remember that part was the hardest, being not able to walk or carry your baby when he cries.

Oh well, everything is OK now and we are all super happy! Mika can already crawl and he keep wanting to walk, so we are getting him a walker soon. Can't believe he's gonna hit 8 months in 10 days! How time flies, right? Before we knew it.. he is already walking, or even worst chasing me out of his room and say things like :

1. You don't understand me, Ma! Leave me alone ( emo phase )

2. You are so annoying

3. Stop spying on me! Don't add me on any social media!

4. This is my girlfriend.

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