Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mi Familia, My Family

I think I watch too much Modern Family, hence I used... Mi Familia 

How was your mother's day? Mine was good and it was my first time celebrating as a MOM. Mika's smile was my gift ( altho i received it everyday haha ) and Marcus' gift to me was
 ' ANYTHING VOUCHER ' which I haven't claim. 

I wonder what should I ask for? Any suggestions?

He also did mention that when Mika is older, they would plan something exciting for me together! I certainly cant wait till that day :D * excited

We celebrated at Mei by FatSpoon where Chelle actually cooks for us ( something outside of the menu ) If you are wondering, Chelle is dating my brother in law, that's why we got this special treatment, don't be jealous :P

Our family photo  

OK, before dinner we actually took Mika to the Sky Beach for some fun! Mika loves the sky beach very much and he loves splashing water or even sound of water. Made in Taiping ma...

Shame Shame! Mika changing in public 

The Sky Beach was full with young expatriates having a blast! Normally it's not that pack and I always prefer to go during the weekdays anyways. Less crowded! No beer can or wine bottle lying around. Yup, sometimes these people or their visitors can be quite uncivilised. I mean, how hard is it to throw rubbish into the bin? 

Since I was young, my parents always took us to the beach, like Pulau Perhentian was one of our favourite holidays with their gang, something like my Party Divers Gang :) Gosh, I miss holidays.

Oklah, I admit I had some fun playing with Mika's toys! Don't judge me. I am still a big kid, and also I got another confession to make... I can't wait till Mika is old enough to walk so that I can bring him to the kids playground where they have lotsa balls, where you can dive in and hide with a gazillions balls. Sounds very awesome to me! Where ah? 

Mika look so cute here, all wrapped up! Ready for Pom Pom ( shower ) then followed by Mother's Day dinner. 

My family! All BLACK cos we GRUNGE! Just kidding! Our tops were Christmas gifts from Martin and Chelle, finally get to wear it cos when Mika received it was too big for him.

With my mother in law, my parents are currently in Alaska, enjoying their holidays.. thats why they are not here, dad keep on posting his holiday pictures which makes jealous! The scenery is just breathtaking! I wonder when can I travel overseas? 

Special dishes prepared by Chelle :) So YUMS! 

 Hmmmmm those photos were taken by Marcus -_-||||||

Mika can already sit on a baby chair YAY!!!! He is looking more like a toddler  now:) and more like Papa

The day ended with STICKERS! Yes, another confession... I LOVE STICKERS! Used to collect them during primary school! I am sure everyone has stickers album right? Mine is full with SAILORMOON, SPICE GIRLS and furry stickers. I remember those furry or puffy ones were the luxurious one hahaha! 

We also celebrated our ANNIVERSARY! It's been 6 years since we started dating. Marcus asked me, why don't you choose one. Either we celebrate this or our wedding anniversary.



I told him why don't I plan for every dating anniversary and you can plan for every wedding anniversary, seems fair right?

So this year I was craving for some seafood since I don't really get to eat much during my pregnancy and confinement.

I took Marcus to 38 Grand Hyatt at 3pm for some seafood platter. You may ask why not lunch? Its because ala carte menu only starts at 3pm and why not dinner? and we weren't free during dinner time


 So, 3pm... where everyone, more like all the ladies were ordering their high tea menu, we ordered our seafood platter. 

When the food was served, everyone was looking at us.

But we didn't care and we laughed a bit! I just want my seafood!

Say hello to 5 Prawns, 4 yabby, 2 oysters, 1 flower crab, 1 alaskan king crab leg, some mussels and clams.


Another reason is because that is how Marcus asked me out on a date

We were having oysters at Italianese/Republic Bar when I add a lot of chilli and tabasco sauce on his oysters and dare him to eat it! 

He then asked what can he get by doing so?

I said anything

He asked me out for a date

( awww... )

I thought it was kinda a hard task since he has to swallow all that spiciness right?


After knowing him better, he actually cannot survived without chilli on his food

Cis, so easy to get me out on a date LOL

Oh ya! I cut my hair shorter, wanted to look more like a mom since everyone said I don't look like one and mana tau people said I look younger. Mission failed? But I super love this haircut by Number 76, Bangsar branch by Jillian!


Top by H&M
Culottes by DoubleWoot

Loving culottes for summer! All thanks to Victoria Beckham when she wore it during one of her recent fashion shows. 

Also, thank you for the amazing Mother's Day gift! I love how they personally curated 3 fashion books for me! I am so blessed :)

Ok lah, gotta work on Mermaid Dreams now while Mika is sleeping, or else no chance to work!


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