Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Happy Day

Today is such a happy day :) Mika turns 6 months old and well my mom turns forever young  ( she will kill me if I reveal her age ) haha joking, maybe not.....

So, today we took Mika to the Sky Beach at the 35th floor and we wonder how would he react? Will he hate the sand? Will he eat the sand?

He turns out to be loving the beach ( ok fake beach ) very much! he was exploring with the sand and even try to eat it at one point!

Happy times with Grandpa :) Both smiles makes me oh so happy! :)

Flowers for mom from dad :) Ordered from @countryvictoria via Instagram! Totally love her fresh roses and her skills of flower arrangements!

Then suddenly, guess who showed up?

DADDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Boy, was he excited to see his papa!

Grandpa showing Mika how to kick in the water!

Mika absolutely loves the balloon!! He keeps on playing with it! Lucky he is not afraid of it. He keeps on wanting to grab it only :)

Also, Uniqlo is running a contest and every mommy with kids/babies are allowed to join! Uniqlo will be picking two winners and will receive RM200 Vouchers for Uniqlo Kids and Brunch date with me! YAY! Sounds exciting right? If you want to win it, hurry up and comment on my INSTAGRAM NOWWWWWW as the contest ends by midnight! Instagram @michiekins

Today is also my mom's birthday! Yay!!!! Bought  her favourite cream from CHANEL for YOUNGER LOOKING.

Still thinking where should we go for CRABS tonight! Any good restaurant which serves amazing crab dishes?

Grandma and Mika celebrating their birthday and half birthday!

Kam Ngam, Mika received a parcel today and its from Cheri!!!! Thanks babe! Love it so much!

Aunty Cheri, do I look cute in it? I want to meet Zach and try and scare him! Like Monsters Inc!  GGRRRRRRRRRRRR! :E

Have a nice day everyone!
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