Friday, 10 April 2015

Mystery Unlock

So, everyone has been raving about Mika’s mysterious gift : my friends, Mika’s animal friends and also my dad ( who just got facebook ) asking me what is that gift?


The gift is actually from DRYPERS! I was so lucky to receive their latest DRYPERS DRYNIGHTS and was able to experiment on it because it comes with their Longest* Absorption Core which is designed to effectively absorb and distribute urine for up to 12 hours of long-lasting dryness, giving Mika a good night sleep. This diapers specially caters for baby 6 months and above but Mika is now only 5 months 2 weeks and he could wear it. He started crawling already and I teared a little because he is growing so fast!

*Based on comparison within DRYPERS diapers

To be honest, this is my first time using this brand. I wasn’t really aware of any diapers brand before because we used to receive diapers as gifts since Mika was born ( we even received a diaper cake from a very good friend of mine ) and I wasn’t choosy per say. I mean, yes diapers are easier for me to handle than using lampin. I even tried using lampin but failed miserably.


First, its quite a hassle to wash the lampin, with baby’s poo poo and pee pee. It is not an easy sight and baby requires a lot of your attention. By the end of the day, you will ever be so tired of just washing and drying lampin! Drying lampin is also not any cheaper, especially when I use my dryer as I live in a condo. I don’t even want to know how much the electric bill is going to cost us.

That is why my mother in law and I think that using diapers are better and faster. It is definitely more convenient and much easier to handle.

So, when I first received this diaper, the 12 hour of dryness caught my attention and I was experimenting with it. Mika normally prepares for night time by 6pm after his evening walk. By that time I will lap him, put some calming lotion, change to his pajamas and of course change the diaper.

So, I decided to try it from 6 pm to 6 am. I actually woke up later that morning

around 8 am ( due to breastfeeding ) to take a picture of him and see how is the condition of his new DRYPERS Drynights.

 Mom? Why are you taking pictures of me so early in the morning?

Yup, I did not change his diaper at all and…. he woke up with a smile! Only used one diaper to last through the night and woke up without any rashes, YAY!

You know why no rash? The DRYPERS Drynights is 100% breathable cloth-like cover and the inner top sheet of the diaper contains 4 natural plant extracts from Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive Extracts and Vitamin E to help keep Mika’s skin fresh and comfortable throughout the night.

FYI, Mika used to have diaper rash and I would apply Burts Bees Diaper Cream and it works wonders! So good that I bought two after finishing the first one! Highly recommended!

Also, I sleep with air-conditioning, so the previous diapers will be soaked and its COLD! No wonder Mika wakes up more often! How can one sleep when your crotch feels cold and damp??!

Not only that, we used to have this problem about leakage and it is quite a hassle to clean his pants and bedsheets :( But with the DRYPERS Drynights Flexi-Tape, it is easy to fasten and allows for multiple refastening without losing its fit and the leak guard provides leakage security even when your baby moves during sleeps.

Mika sleeping soundly after playing with his toys

So, with your baby being so comfy that he doesn’t feel the wetness from the pee pee, it certainly gives you more hours to sleep and boy, don’t all mothers wish they could sleep longer? Every time when someone asked me about that, I would say :

I haven’t been sleeping since 21 October 2014, I laughed a bit with them but deep inside, I am missing my sleep time a lot. LOL

But oh well, with that look and his sunshine smile, I can’t even get angry :)

By the way, have any of you mothers/fathers tried the DRYPERS Drynights yet? Let me know if you have! Would like to hear your feedbacks as well!

If any mothers/fathers wants to try his new diaper, you can join their DRYPERS Baby Club via their FACEBOOK page and get free samples!

Here is to more good sleeps! Cheers!

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