Thursday, 26 March 2015

The day Mika and his animal friends receive a mystery package

The other day Mika and I received a mysterious package! So we decided to invite all his animal friends to come and see what's inside this box! It seems that we have been nominated by Kimberlycun to receive this mysterious package!

We wonder what's inside? 

 Mika look so HAPPY with this mysterious package! Bet he can't wait to open it!

Oh, we have 3 colorful mask and a bag containing two diapers and a set of pajamas?! We wonder who sent us this mystery gift?
The diaper is so soft that he doesn't even want to let go of it! I also like the love shaped designs and it seems quite long compared to some of the diapers out there.

And in order for us to reveal the meaning behind this mysterious package, we need about 300 shares on Facebook so that I can nominate blogger YuyuZulaikha to receive the next package! Could you all please help me share this post out? :)

Look ma! Do I look cute and mysterious with this blue mask?

Mika says PRETTY PLEAAAAASEEEEEE SHARE THIS BLOG POST :) Just click the gold FACEBOOK button on your below right now :)

Remember to follow me on my Facebook, Instagram@michiekins and Twitter@michiekins111 to follow up with this mysterious diaper gift! I can't wait to unlock it! * super excited!*
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