Monday, 21 December 2015

Burn Baby Burn at BAKAR

I bet everyone don't like to answer or ask this question :

Where to eat? What to eat?

You decide lah, No! You decide!

and the story goes on and on and half an hour or rather an hour later... you guys are still arguing where to eat.

This happens most of the time but THANK YOU to the internet, it's quite easy to spot a good restaurant and BAKAR is no exception.

I've always been a fan of Mr Ben Yong, owner of the BIG GROUP. I think he's super creative and I really admire him! 

We were at BAKAR for Marcus' birthday dinner and it was my first time there. Take note that this place is not really that baby friendly and it's meant more for people enjoying their meals and having great conversation kinda place.

The menu is limited but trust me, the food is to die for.

We ordered to share, we had 2 plates of flatbread which was amazing, parcel clams bake which is spicy and gingery, it was so good that we ordered two bowls, the grilled watermelon and not forgetting the sotong bakar and chicken salt fries for appetiser. Sedap giler.

 I had the best salmon belly ever in my life. No joke. Until now, I can feel the taste of my bakar salmon belly. I am not a food blogger but this place is the bomb!

It was a nice and quiet dinner at first as we were the only group there but later on it was packed. Even after we finished our dinner, the server said the next group is already waiting for the our table. Business must be good! Location wise is a bit weird, deep in the housing area but it was all worthied!

Marcus has always been a fan of beef and YES its really good too. Sorry no picture :p

Mika agrees that the food is yummy!

Then comes the surprise birthday cake which Marcus have to crack it open hehe!

We ordered another dessert cos you know me lah, always craving for sweet stuff after dinner :) and S'mores are my favourite!

I will definitely come back! 



11B, Lorong Kurau,
Taman Weng Lock, Bangsar
59000 Kuala Lumpur


T: +603 2280 0073
F: +603 2282 3572



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