Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Mika's FIRST birthday

Dear Mika,

Happy Birthday Son :) 
Can't believe you are now one years old! You've brought so much joy and laughter in our family and with that, we threw you an awesome FIRST birthday.

Mama planned this for about a month to make sure everything goes well and since Mama don't have much time due to taking care of you, there has been some late night plannings and DIY-ing but it was all worthied.

You probably won't remember much, but I hope you can read this blog when you are older and able to understand this.

So, as for the theme of your FIRST birthday, Mama  wanted to do something cute and fun. I know that you love cars and you seemed to be quite into sports, but at this age... it's a little tough, but worry not cos I am saving those themes for your next party. I will make sure it will be F1 theme and NINJA warrior next! 

So, the official theme was

 Y o u r    S p i r i t    A n i m a l 

Mama wanted a two tier cake with shades of blue and some animals on top with party hats, quite cute huh? Mom personally made those hat for your animal friends so that they won't feel left out.

Also, do you know that Aunty Jess baked this cake? Top layer is her specialty Lemon Poppy flavour while the bottom is Chocolate Mousse flavour~ Mika so lucky to have two flavours to mam mam :) A lot people asked where Mama bought the cake, so Mama gave them this link : JKBakery

Do you like your fancy dessert table? Those cupcakes were baked by Aunty Liss from Fat Spoon, super sedap! and of course Uncle Ian, Mama's BFF husband printed out all of the visuals :) 

Here are some food which Papa made for us, isn't it creative? We've got ladybug, alligator, dog, cat, hedgehog and even octopus!

We also had this ADOPT A PET section for your friends to take home and play!

Mama also bought this balloon piñata which Mika actually POP by yourself! So smart :)

Ok, here are the most important people in Mika's life

Our Family :)

Ng x Ooi

You must love them and respect them cos these are the people who loves you the most

Ah Pek Martin

Nai Nai and Mika ( This is mama's favourite picture because Mika's smile is so cute and wide )

These are you cousins! Josef and Pinky :) I bet you and Josef will be good cousins and share a lot of good memories like how Mama share good memories with Unlce Joey when we are young.

Aunty Chelle and Gugu Candice. They both love you very very much and Gugu Candice came all the way from Singapore to KL to celebrate Mika's birthday.

Aunty Ann was also there to celebrate, you must remember this is Grandpa's cousin and must sayang her every time you see her ok? Must buy for her Moet & Chandon or Matua wine if you are planning to visit her.

Mama  also wonder why Uncle Roy laughed so hard? Haha must be something funny! Or perhaps Uncle Nixon told a joke?

Also, Mama sew both you and your dad's costume... Yeap, Mama went all out and even poked my fingers but it was all worthied. Mama is not good at sewing at all, and luckily Aunty Jillian helped with the headband. Thank you Jill ( kiss kiss )

 Mama and Papa... Don't we both look young?  Mama's spirit animal is a UNICORN!

With Uncle Ernest, Aunty Sabbie, Aunty Jolyna and Uncle Chris. 
You must thank Uncle Ernest for being so helpful that day and thank Aunty Vicca for letting us use her husband. LOL

Oooouuuuu, here's a picture of Penny and her gorgeous mom, Audrey! I remember one part where you both were gazing at each other. Isn't that lovely? You want her number, son? hehee..

( I hope I don't embarrass you )

With  Mama's friend who are all bloggers! Aunty Careen, Bobo, Sam and Audrey
Thank you so much for coming

Oh, I found one picture with Aunty KoKo who taught you how to do Incy Wincy Spider on that day with your two fingers and you've been doing it non stop! Hehehe and even when you see her, you will act it out... You are too cute sometimes!

With Uncle JJ and Aunty Sabbie, thank you for popping by! Those ears looks good! Esp JJ! LOL

This is one of Daddy's BFF, Uncle Keith and his son Kirk 

This is daddy's work friend and beside is Ayaan and Mommy Sarah who lives in Verve! Do you remember your play dates?

Not forgetting Aunty Ashely, one of  Mama's first KL friend together with Ah Pek and Aunty Chelle

It was also a surprise when  Mama saw Ko Poh and family in Verve! Mommy was really happy! This is grandpa's beautiful sister from Taiping :) She still look the same and never aged at all! I think practising Yoga does make people look younger :)

Aunty KoKo, Aunty Amy and Aunty Jillian
These 3 aunties always come to visit Mika and not Mama anymore...

Your friend Ayaan and his stylish mommy, Aunty Sarah

The gorgeous ladies 

Ah Pek and Gugu acting cute

All smiles for the ladies, prolly because it's the best party they've attended LOL!

Do you spot a fox and a bird?

Some of daddy's working friend who came :) They don't want to eat cupcake and they accept BEER only.. so, Mika you know what to do lah next time!

Ko Poh and her family :) Those two are your uncles! 

Aunty jolyna and Aunty Sabrina.. Aunty Jolyna is pregnant here with baby no.1, by the time you read this... I wonder she is pregnant with baby no what? 4? Hehe! 

The ladies of your LIFE! Grandma and Nai Nai who loves you unconditionally and always pray for Mika! Grandma came all the way from Taiping to cook for your guest! 

The two very important people in Mika's life! Grandma and Granpa! They both got you the MERCEDEZ G63 and also business class flight ticket to Korea! Mika, you are so blessed! 

Ummm...  Mama remembered that this two joker, Uncle David and Uncle JK said they are whales on that day as their spirit animal, LOL

Mama had no idea what was going on for the second picture?

I wonder if  Papa still look at  Mama this way when you turn 18?

Mika must remember this two aunty, Jillian and Sheena who played a very important role in Mama's life yeah! We will be going to Korea with them in 2 weeks time for Aunty Sheena's hens night! 

This is Aunty Lavin and her son Nate, she is the strongest woman I ever known!  Mama wish  Mama can be as strong as her :) She's one of Mama's idol! 

This is  Mama's BFF from college and her husband, they bought you that rocking chair which they have one set for themselves also! 

 Mama's beautiful sister, Aunty Lina who is a FALCON on that day!  Mama loves her so so so much!

Oh, is Mika getting tired and wants to sleep on grandpa? 

Wait, don't sleep yet cos Mama haven't finish the story

This is Asher and his mommy, Aunty Qin! Hope you two can be best buddies!

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday followed by blowing your birthday cake and MIKA had an epic entrance with your new birthday gift! 

We really hope your enjoy your FIRST birthday Mika! Mama and Papa got you another present as well! It's an email that we both created and we will write to you and will only give you the password when you turn 18! Remember to claim it yeah~

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came and celebrated Mika's FIRST birthday with us! Thank you for your time and your wonderful gifts, Mika is so blessed to have you in his life.




  1. beautiful post :)
    happy birthday lil one!
    and congrats on being mama for a year now!

  2. I dont know why i actually tears while reading this post.
    It is such a super duper touched post from a mother to her son.
    Mika is so blessed. <3

  3. beautiful photos!! so much joy and love

    happy1st bday mika xxx

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