Wednesday, 7 October 2015

From Work to Baby!

Hello everyone.

Gosh, I am really tired but I am still finding time to blog. I could just fall asleep now but here I am blogging because I do miss blogging! Anyways, here's some updates on what I've been doing.


Yes, I've been working on Mermaid Dreams and also teaching Mika how to walk.

Today I woke up earlier than usual and got ready for work. I am pleased to announced that Mermaid Dreams is the official swimwear sponsor for MISS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA 2016!


 I was busy getting ready for this MUMO press conference where they revealed the 14 finalist. I must say, some girls are not that bad, so we are very excited about this.

Here are the gorgeous 14!

Which one do you think have potential?

 I've a few in my mind, based on her walk and poise when she was walking on stage during the MUMO press conference. Hope Carey will groom them all to be more poise and confident. Some are still a little stiff but I am sure by January, they will be well groomed. Can't wait to watch the series online, and the finale around January.

Right after the press conference, I rushed back to take care of Mika and brought him and my mom to Benbino at Publika.

His face is priceless when he enters the tunnel ahahhahaha :D

Like a whole new world

my camera is slowly giving up on me, the quality is like getting worst! I think it can't focus that well already :(

So sorry for the bad quality pictures, perhaps it's time to get a new one.

It's really a cute and fun place for mother and kids to hang, not forgetting their desserts are really good too. Haven't try their food but I am sure that I will definitely return again since Mika likes to play there. Perhaps we can do mommy dates!

Ok, lets travel to the past.


 I was at Publika for the StreetFashionKL (SFKL) by Sazzy Falak fashion show.

Here's some of the KIMONOs that I love from this collection, the colour combinations are brilliant and more importantly, the fabric is really soft. Thank you for having me, Sazzy!

I brought my partner in crime, Na Na along with me as we rarely go to event together since Mika was born. She's always in my house discussing about our business together along with our hopes and dreams :)

My #ootd

Top from Zara
High waisted pants from H&M
Bag from Prada
Shoes from NOSE
Necklace from

I am still diggin' the 70s vibe! APPLE BOTTOM JEAN

We also went to Lavin and TJ's new baby full moon! Welcome baby JOEL :) 

Mika looks irritated with his toys while I was having a bad eye day because Mika woke up easily 5 times for feeding during night time. I cant believe that he's almost a year and still can't sleep thru the night. There goes my eyes. Mika baby, better work hard next time to pay for my dark circle creams hehe.

pictures by Joshua Chay from The Spacemen

Before I end this post, I just wanna announced that there are NEW 





  1. Michiekins!!!! You're living the dream - happening fashionista, entrepreneur doing what you love, dedicated mummy with an adorable son...WAIT A MINUTE, MIKA CAN WALK ALREADY?!!! OMG. Good work Michiekins! Miss you, can't wait to see you Pin Pin! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored


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