Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What's in my DIAPER bag?

This is a super long awaited post! Can't believe Mika is already 11 months old and now only I am writing what's in my DIAPER bag. Finding the right bag is hard, and even now I still don't really fancy my ZARA bag, but it's the best option for me now, wished it had a zip then it would be perfect.
So, back to the main topic.....


1. Diapers from Drypers for Mr. Poo Poo 
2. Pigeon Wet Tissues to clean Mr. Poo Poo
3. Extra onesie incase terkena Mr. Poo Poo
4. One piece of cloth to wipe his saliva or anything
5. Mika's favourite toys is a MUST
6. Mika's favourite book 
7. My breastfeeding cape 
8. Mika's water bottle
9. Mika's biscuit
10. My wallet and phone

What's not included in here?

This is what I learned from my MIL, to put a wet cloth in a tupperware so that we can wipe him clean after a meal or even when he's sweating! We don't really use the wet wipes on his face.

Sometimes we also pack his porridge along with some fruits in another tupperware, then our bag will be really full~ and trust me it takes time to prepare all of these! So normally I will have my bag ready with all the essential stuff which I wont remove, so that I can pack faster. For example 

1. Diapers from Drypers for Mr. Poo Poo 
2. Pigeon Wet Tissues to clean Mr. Poo Poo
3. Extra onesie incase terkena Mr. Poo Poo
4. One piece of cloth to wipe his saliva or anything

All these will normally be in the bag already, once used I will replenish it and keep the diaper bag in his closet. 

So, normally you will see the #flatlay of the items but this time I am going to show you behind the scene pictures as well

I took this advantage while Mika was sleeping and faster arranged everything and quickly snap some shots for this post.

Thank you Mika for being a good model and not waking up, or else I will not have the time to do this

One of Mika's favourite book, Ping and Polo! It has 4 sets all together and we managed to find 2! Thank you Scholastic for helping us find this wonderful book which Mika adores.

This is one of Mika's favourite biscuit which can keep him quiet for a while, hahahahahah! But he eats it really fast! SIGH! Any mommies out there can recommend anything which he will take some time to finish?

Mika napping in his room

One of my favourite BUYS of the week! LOVE LOVE LOVE this OPPS blocks which I found in Robinsons. I ended up having more fun compared to Mika who only knows how to chew on it 

More colourful book and yes I am a fan of Eric Carle, the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was one of the very first book that I bought for Mika while I was still pregnant. I read to him almost every night, and not forgetting GOOD NIGHT MOON, which is recommended by Sheena. 

New books of the week! Thank you Scholastic for the amazing gift to Mika. We were so excited when unboxing this gift! You can't get enough of books! 

Some new toys which I bought for Mika from Toys R US! His birthday is next month and we are going with the JUNGLE theme! So all of this figurines will be on top on his cake!

I've already started planing his party like a month ago. I was always on PINTEREST, trying to figure what's the most suitable theme for his FIRST party and came to the conclusion with the JUNGLE THEME. At first we wanted the F1 Car theme but Mika is too young for it so we decided to keep it for the coming years. We also love the NINJA WARRIOR theme which my brother in law showed us a video but Mika is still young, so we decided to keep it for the coming years as well.

So I guess it's pretty much settle for his 2nd and 3rd birthday theme party ? Hehe

So yeah! I am very excited for his first birthday party! The dress code is Your Spirit Animal, we will be sending invites soon. For this whole month I will be busy DIY-ing some deco and have to start ordering cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and many more! So many things to do, so little time!

Wish me luck :)



Monday, 7 September 2015

11.5 things that I learned from being a mom

A baby will change your life forever. Some say that you will get your life back when they leave for college. Wrong. ( Well, at least for me ) I can imagine myself at 50 years old, sipping wine in the living area thinking how is my son, what is he doing? Is he safe? Sounds like a paranoid mother right?

YES, because we have the RIGHTS to be PARANOID! Now I truly understand why all moms are like that.

We gave birth to you, we nurture you till you are able to stand on your own. We put so much effort and love. So, when your mother calls you on your mobile, you better answer! 

Back to the main topic, here are 11.5 things I've learnt from being Mika's mother :

1. I shop more for my baby than yourself.
    True, I stop shopping for myself when I am at the mall, I only head to H&M and UNIQLO to look at baby clothes. I will only shop when my parents are around to help take care of Mika or I shop online when Mika is asleep.

2. I smell like Chanel x Breastmilk
    Yup, if anyone of you is wondering, that's my perfume at the moment. My milk comes out every 4 hours and will leak out. A few times when I forgot to wear the breast pad, it overflows and you know how it ends. So embarrassing! 

3. I gave Mika the iPad in exchange for quiet time for at least 20 mins. 
I used to think that I will never ever ever let Mika play the iPad but now I take it back. I surrender. I need my 20 mins of doing nothing and just not think of anything. That's my zen moment. He always wants us to carry him when we are eating, so I just on his favourite music and then we can all eat in peace. 

4. Toilet time is my luxury time. Peace and quiet. That's when I check all my social media stuff.

I miss going to work and do what ever I want according to my time, now my work time depends on baby's time LOL, I can only work if he's asleep or a quick iPad run.

6. I got not enough time!!!
 Sometimes when I thought he's already asleep and that I can do my chores or work, he just wont let go of my nipple ( I breastfeed my baby ) and trust me, the shape is very very different now -_-||| Yes, I got bigger boobs but the nipple is also like XL size and the worst part is uneven boobs! WOAH!!! Madness. I wanna wear a nice dress also cannot, I'll have to make sure I have a push up bra with no wire cos if there's wire, it will clog up all the breastmilk and it would be hard as rock. No joke, it's really painful.

7. You will remember all of your baby's TOY SONGS!
Yes, it will stuck in your head! Mika has a lot of toys which has songs and music in it, and trust me.. by the end of the day, you can automatically sing it all during your shower, when you are getting ready to go out, or when you are doing NOTHING! LOL

8. We need to find all the lifts in the shopping mall. 
Yup, it's like a stroller meet up point. Bye bye escalators.....

9. Breastfeeding is really tiring. When I was preggers, I told myself that I will do it for 2 years.
 I take it back. I think 1 year is good enough! It is so exhausting, I don't know how moms do it for 2 years. I am weaning him off when he turns one in October. There were times where I will just stare at the FORMULAs at the grocery store. Blank stare, dazed and confused. Then I will walk away and tell myself, few more months left.. few more months left :)

10. Patience is you best friend, and so is the iPad. 
Baby will make the house messy, scream and cry at you to test your patience but mostly will reward you with a smile after. 

11.  After all the headache/ torturous night your baby gave you... you know you will do it all over again when they smile at you.

11.5. No, I am not pregnant. 

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