Sunday, 30 August 2015


It's been a while since I posted anything about fashion. To be honest, every since Mika came to my life, I shop less for myself and more for him. I do miss shopping and styling, I do miss having a styling job too but I cant do it because the hours are just too long and I can't leave Mika as I am breastfeeding him. Hopefully soon, as I plan to wean him after he turns one year old.

Anyways, back to #OOTD.

Got this TOP from #FASHIONVALET #FVOOTD #LOVEit ! I actually saw it in their Instagram and I really wanted it, so I actually went to their POP UP store in Bangsar Village 2 to try their sizes.
Got this in XS as it's quite huge. Plan to also wear this for my KOREA trip this November, during Fall to keep me warm and fuzzy.

Leggings from TOPSHOP which I bought many many years ago. Sunnies from TOMFORD and lastly my new boots from MELISSA! It's my new favourite from their MELISSA STAR WALKER FALL WINTER 2015! 

Once you have a statement shoe, it's actually easier to get dolled up. Everything that you gather will automatically look amazing once you have a statement piece in your ootd. This Star Walker is also super comfortable ( Everyone knows Melissa shoes are super soft and comfy ) and it kinda reminds me of my childhood during the 90s, my Spice Girl era where platform shoes were so in because of them. 

I can see the 90s fashion is back, especially with the A Line jeans skirt and the infamous neck band that every youngsters are wearing now. I was shocked to see that my time trend is now back, which means I am getting so much older, lol. Back then when I was wearing it, people used to teased me... some even commented it looked like a dog collar and ever since then I stopped wearing it. I guess people are more mean and less fashionable back then. 

We all know that the bell bottom jeans/pants are in trend now, you can see me wearing it every day to my tuition class back in 2000. Then the hyped stopped when the skinny jeans were in and I remembered clearly that time I told myself I ain't wearing bell bottom anymore! but.. now... hahhaah, I am looking for one high waisted piece. LOL. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER SAY ANYTHING! Because it has now come back to bite me. So yeah, I am looking for one high waisted bell bottom but the flare must be a smaller, not too big. Do not confused this with a PALAZZO pants, which is looser. 

The PALAZZO cutting/fabric which I love 

The high waisted bell bottom which I am looking for

images source from Pinterest

Since today is holiday ( HAPPY NATIONAL DAY, MALAYSIANS ) I am off shopping with the family for our Seoul trip! Ciao~

Hopefully to score a nice pants and winter clothes


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hello Cleansui!

I've always love to share something good or nice in my blog whether its a story, a service or a product. I get many emails from clients asking me to blog about their product or services but sometimes I reject them because it's not suitable for my lifestyle or taste. Yes, I am very particular about sponsorships. I believe that my readers have the same taste as me, or else they wont be reading my blog right?

So when I received an email from CLEANSUI, I was very happy. 


In my own terms : Water filter from Japan, by Mitsubishi group. Use in Japan for over 30 years.

Why I like it ?

Housewife answer : Affordable and clean water is really important.

It's that simple.

If you want to know more about it, you can read it here : as I don't have to type all those long informations whereas you may read it from there.

I have been testing this product for a month and now only I am writing my review about it. Yeah, I take my sweet time to taste the water and see how it suits my lifestyle. 


My answer is...


 simple yet stylish

I guess it was because I was so sick of water filter products. I had one in my Sunway home but it gave me too much trouble. Firstly, its expensive and secondly, always got problem. My home in Taiping also we use the same brand as the Sunway home and my dad finally decided the best it just to boil water as the trouble was too much.

Yup, I called my dad right away after talking to Kevin, the representative of Cleansui Malaysia.

I was just asking him about our old water filter and whether if he still uses it and how much was it.

As usual, it cost a bomb. It's somehow natural that when we think about WATER FILTERS, it's gonna be expensive. Agree? 

Cleansui is somehow different. The water filter that I am using cost only RM 829.

Affordable right? Especially for new families like us.

When I first move in to Mont Kiara, we have no water filter. I was just boiling everyday. 

no more hassle of boiling water

Then when CLEANSUI came to the picture, I was like WOOOAHHHH, how come I didn't get this earlier? Affordable and I don't have to boil water everyday. LOL

Kevin came to install for me right away but my kitchen tap wasn't compatible as it's square shape, so we had to place it in my toilet. 

Kev told me that this is Designer tap LOL

I told Kev that maybe I should get a new water tap so that we can install it.

But he told me this : Mich, I think you wont change it.



Super #WIN right?

Do you know they also have a water filter for face and also a shower head?

I was like WOW! I told him many time that I am amazed.

I was even more amazed after watching this video and he also demonstrate later in my house :

As you all know, my sister just moved back from Singapore and is currently living with me while she waits for her new house to be done. She is a scientist by profession.

So when she came home, I was telling her about this amazing product which I just installed.

Quickly ( she being a scientist, asked me some questions about Fluoride) which leads me to messaging Kev to ask about it.

His replied was fast and even show me the facts. My sister was impressed and she is now going to get one for her new house as well!

She now comes to my room everyday to wash her face hehe...

I remember my brother Cavin told me that if a house doesn't have any water to drink, that's the shittiest place to live in, even for a day. He also advise me that the sink must always be clean and dry, free from water or else bacteria will grow. Since then, I always make sure that my house have water to drink and that my sink is always dry. Thanks Cav for the tips! 

So yeah, I have been testing CLEANSUI water filter for a month now and I am very happy with the results :) It's always good to share an amazing product :)

Here's the link if you want to purchase it with FREE DELIVERY:

You all might also be skeptical on why the PRICE IS AFFORDABLE? 
It's because CLEANSUI does not spend on commercial advertising, and everything has to be purchased via ONLINE only.

What you need to know about CLEANSUI water filter that I am currently using :

* Q601E Table Top
Membrane Filter

* Having the highest quality
of water at only RM

* 8000 liters of filtered
water capacity
(approximately for 18
months of usage)

* Simple self installation
(save the installation fee)
(no tools needed)
(anyone can do it)

Cheers to air kosong! :D

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