Tuesday, 21 July 2015


F  R  E  S  H    C  U  T

b y  Y v e s  
N u m b e r 76  S t a r h i l l

I am wearing FREYA Top by Mermaid Dreams which will be launch in early August! There will be High waisted and Low waisted 

It was pretty much a last minute decision to chop off my hair, I also invited my sister Lina and bestie Su Anne to the 76 culture! First timers gets 20% off! Hope they love their new hair do by Yves who just got promoted to Director not too long ago.

Special thanks to Samson for helping out, and I am so sorry if I was naughty hehe! He is such a comedian, don't remember me laughing to hard at a saloon! Great service as always.

Btw, doesn't Lina look gorgeous in her new hair colour, 
P I N K   B R O W N 

Some people think that we are twins, we are just one year apart. The reason why you don't see her that much cos she was based in Singapore but now she's back to Malaysia.

*  T h r o w s   c o n f e t t i  *

Gonna go pack for a mini holiday with the Ng family :) Read more about me at as I update that more regularly!


P H O T O G R A P H E D   B Y  M I C H I E K I NS   A N D   L I N A K I N S 



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