Monday, 1 June 2015


The internet these days is getting scarier with people posting too much information about themselves on social media. I am not saying that all social media platforms are bad, but if we share too much, there MIGHT be consequences.

Years ago, I was a very very very naive girl when I first came to Kuala Lumpur. I was a budak kampung from Taiping, who didn’t know how scary the world was. I remember FRIENDSTER was one of the very first social media I was on. I was so stupid that I actually put my real address on my profile and even worse, my car number plate. Yup, that’s how stupid I was. Luckily, it was my elder brother who asked me to remove it ASAP (I seriously don’t know what I was thinking). I also liked to share where I was, what I was doing at the time - and one day, I met with an unlucky incident.

You see, at that time, I had a college mate renting one of the rooms in my condo for a 2-month period. He was very nice, and I thought nothing could go WRONG. He was my college mate and we had a few classes together. I remember, that time, I was sharing a photo of where I was (which was Penang) on Friendster and he saw it. He then called me, asking me how was Penang and all, as if he was making sure that I was in Penang. Everything was fine until he moved out and someone online messaged me through Friendster, showing me a link.

It turns outs that my college mate was selling my bra online because there was a demand. LOL. At first I freaked out, because I realized it was the same day when I posted that I was in Penang. That very same day, he actually stole a couple of my bras/bikini and sold them online. I was shocked, but it was quickly settled. What scares me the most is that particular website. They were selling girls’ bras! They even have this community where they go and hunt for girls’ lingerie if they live in a housing area. Now, that is creepy. So many sick people! Imagine you are home alone, and you posted your LOCATION online saying, ‘my parents went for a holiday, I am eating dinner alone’. Can you imagine what can happen? Whatever you’re thinking right there, IT CAN HAPPEN. No joke. So please, be wise with what you post/share. You never know who is watching you.

Another incident happened again, ahhahhaha I know, why is Michelle’s life so dramatic right? A friend messaged me on Facebook, telling me that this website is posting my pictures. Apparently, someone created a fake profile about me and was asking people to meet me, or worst, to masturbate on my picture. I was like WOAHHH, who hates me so much until they want to do this? This person basically stole my Facebook pictures and asked people to do nasty stuff, and later on, you know what? I found out it was the same guy who stole my bra.

That guy was really unafraid, even after the police arrested him the first time – I didn’t press charges because he was still young and I didn’t want to ruin his future, and now he’s doing this to me, again? I quickly made a police report and went to MCMC to ask them to block that particular website. They were so helpful, and with their help and swift action, the website and user profile were both blocked. Thank you, MCMC.

I went online to try to find this guy but his name couldn’t be found anymore. I was determined, and after a while, I finally managed to find him. He had changed his name to his son’s name. YUP, HE HAS A SON NOW and is MARRIED. I was SHOCKED. I wanted to press charges, I really wanted to, but he has a family now and I don’t want to be the one to ruin his family (especially when I am a mother myself). So I just kept it all to myself. If you are that guy, reading this now - please just stop what you do and concentrate on your family. Don’t do all this nasty stuff.

Many of you may question me - why don’t you just press charges so that his wife and kids will know about this and you can warn all the other girls?

Well, the fake profile was probably created while he was single, I assume this because of the dates of the website being created and he being married with a kid was about 2 years apart. So I just hope that he will sedar diri after he had his son.

Family is most important to me. Honestly, although I am a blogger, I don’t share that much. For example, I don’t share Mika’s favourite song or his real weight or height..or even the actual time he was born. Sometimes I am worried he might get kidnapped too if I overshared too much information. It’s only natural for a mother to worry.

Having learnt from my own experience, I honestly don’t share as much as I used to. In present time, I may eat in many places but I don’t shout on social media as much anymore. Now, I prefer to enjoy the moment, my food and talk to my friends. Though of course, sometimes I do upload for keep sake and for good memories.

I hope the coming generation will use the internet wisely. Don’t overshare. Protect yourself. Keep it private. Watch the movie: “The Bling Ring”, it’s about people robbing Paris Hilton’s house after she checked in at some location via her social media.

Klik dengan bijak, people! Think before you click or it might ruin your life because once it’s on the internet, it would be forever there. There are many creepers out there, it could even be your friend sitting next to you. Beware of what you share.

Learn how to protect yourself here:



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