Thursday, 12 March 2015

My life now

Our lives had changed ever since October 21 2014, I think my life changed the most as I am a mom now, daddy still continue with his work and only plays with baby when he's back and will pass to mommy when baby cries, haha..  ( not funny, for me ) Don't get me wrong, Marcus helps out a lot, but I guess the award goes to my mother in law who helped out the most! Thank you :) 

So, here how's my life has changed:

9:00 pm : Rock and Breastfeed Mika to bed

9:30 pm : Do anything I want, usually watching series, go out with friends ( seldom )

2:00 am : Feed Mika / Sleep

5:00 am : Feed Mika / Change diaper, Check Fb, Instagram then Sleep

7:00 am : Feed Mika then pass Mika to Mom in Law to take care : Shower/ Playtime then I go back to sleep

11:00 am : Wake up and Feed Mika / Mika Nap time

12:00 noon : Lunch while Mika is asleep

12:30 noon : WORK ( blogging, update instagram, dayre ( although dayre I mostly update what I am doing it on the spot :) and YES I AM BACK ON DAYRE! Follow me there : I am trying to blog there EVERYDAY

2:00 pm : Play with Mika / Feed Mika

3:00 pm : Mika short nap time / Get back to work

3:30 pm : Jaga/ Play/ Breastfeed Mika

6:00 pm : Clean Mika and prepare for bedtime

7:00 pm : Dinner


So, yeah! that's basically my life now :) Everyday with Mika and it is harder for me to blog as he needs so much of my attention, sometimes I will just let him play with his toys for 15 mins ( like now ) while I hurry blog or finish my chores. I am trying my best to blog ONCE a week and DAILY on DAYRE. Yes you read it right, DAILY in dayre! Follow me there!

Sometimes we walk around the garden when it's not too hot too :) Mika loves going out! He is such a curious boy! Here's a mini impromptu photoshoot we did with Jasiminne at the gardens.

On me :

My UNIQLO WIRELESS TURQUOISE BRA! Since I can't wear bra with wire anymore as it will block my milk flow, I only wear wireless bra as its so comfortable, or a sports bra. I highly recommend the UNIQLO ones.

My favourite WILDFOX Dress, bought from! Huge fan of them! This is my second piece of this American brand :) Can't find it in Malaysia :( Got it at a discounted rate 48GBP, it was initially 75GBP

And NO, I kinda stopped wearing heels since Mika was born due to my stomach muscle tore during delivery. This is for illustration purposes only :p

If i were to reflect back my life before Mika, it would be:

1. Sleeping by 2/3 am

2. I am mostly out for events or chilling with my friends weekdays and weekends

3. I travel a lot but now I can't :( It's one of the most thing I missed so far :( I don't know when can I travel

4. I can do anything I want as I have all the freedom and nothing to worry

5. I eat late, normally around 2/3 and deals with constipation haha, but it is so much better now as my MIL stays with me and she cooks everyday for us.

6. I can put makeup peacefully hahahhahaha, now I have to get ready like 3/4 hours before the event and I normally do it when Mika's asleep, if not I can't even touch my face. Normally I will breastfeed Mika every time before I go out to work, that would be the finishing touches of me getting ready hehe.

SO yeah! Now you know being a MOM is not easy! it's a 24/7 job! So, don't ever yell or disrespect your mom! Or else I will twist your ears!





    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    1. Trying to blog once a week now and DAILY on dayre! I AM BACK FOR WORK! :D BUNGALOW HOUSE!

  2. Hi! Love your blog n dayre! I'm a new mom too n my son was born just about a week ++ after yours Oct 30th 2014 😁😁 am also breastfeeding . but my schedule is haywire. Sometimes its similar to urs but not always. His naps especially! Some days are short n some are long... 😅

    1. Thank you Szu Mei! :D Congratulations on ur baby! Our dates almost similar hehe! For Mika, his naps are usually short :( He is quite an active baby :D Do you have DAYRE as well? Whats ur URL?

  3. ah no but I'm thinking of having one soon! :) I have a blog tho mines an active baby too. N can see that now he's more into playing rather than sleeping hahah so it's a Lil harder to make him sleep

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  5. Are you not able to wear heels forever after? Or you just prefer not to, babe? I thought your torn muscle healed already?

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