Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello 2015

For the year 2015, it's all about family to me. 

Hello everyone! How was your new years? Mine was a pretty simple one, I hosted a small gathering at my place for some wine, dine and games. It was the best decision as I am too old for clubs and places with lots of people because I wanted Mika to be by my side to wish him his first New Years.

I never really thought of a resolution just yet but I did thought of something...

Maybe this year I will fully focus on Mika and also my bikini line which I started with Nana. 
If I want to change or quit something, well... perhaps.... hmmmmmm, I can't really think of any. 

( After 1 minute  )

Perhaps quit procrastinating haha... I think I said this every year. The only one person whom I know who doesn't procrastinate is my dad! 
( Hello  Father ) ( Yeah, he reads my blog and now that he has Facebook, he will whatsapp me every time I update my status haha ) 

So yeah, perhaps 2015 is the year I should be more rajin ( hardworking ) and stop procrastinating like my dad. 

If I were to follow one of my mom's.....well... it would be  loving  :) More loving :) 
Marcus, you so lucky lah, I promise not to get angry at you so much and be more patience like my mom ok? 

Ok done, resolution for 2015 :)

1. Follow dad's example :
Stop procrastinating and get things done ( for my work line )

2. Follow mom's example :
Forgiving and loving plus be more patience ( for my family )

Speaking of family, here's our family portrait which was a gift from Brie during my baby shower :)
Free Family Photography by International Photographer, David Yeow!

 Which one do you like best ? :)

I hope Mika's cute smile did cheer you all up on a Monday 

Happy New Year from Marcus, Michelle, Mika and Malibu :)

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