Monday, 20 October 2014

I am so blessed :)

Hello everyone! I am writing this in the hospital :) with 3/4 cm dilated! heheh, just wanna update you all that I am fine and can't wait to meet my son! I actually check in to induce, but God is so amazing that I don't have too now! ( if induce, contractions are more painful ) I will write a full story blog post soon when I slowly recover :) Cant wait to share my experience of giving birth naturally, hopefully no emergency etc! 

Today I sempat go wash and blow my hair at the saloon cos I won't be able to wash it for quite some time. I don't know how long I can tahan not washing it after delivering my baby. I am currently feeling happy now and so relief that I don't have to induce :) My contractions are not that painful at 3/4cm. I just feel like a bit of tummy cramps only. 

My sister, Jillian and Jordan came over to help with decorating my room :) These are all the pictures we took just now. 

Lina was trying to create a zen mood room for me so that I can relax and give birth happily and stress free :) I am so bless to have a sister like her who truly cares. Love love love!

Ok la, Im gonna go rest now as I can feel the contractions are more and more painful :) Cant wait to see my son tomorrow! 

I will update on Instagram for now, follow me at @michiekins 


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