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Mich's Baby Shower

Hello everyone! Cant believe it's already August! How time flies, right? I myself couldn't believe that I am in my third trimester, 3 more months then we can finally see our baby :)

Anyways, I was contemplating whether to have a baby shower at first. I was like, after shower, need to do full moon and the gap is not that far. But my friends convinced me that it's another reason to party! Hahaha :) and I really enjoy the company of my girlfriends. But then I wasn't really planning until Su Anne message me one day.

LET ME PLAN YOUR BABY SHOWER! She said, all excited :) After thinking about it, I said OK, why NOT? :) We even had a committee for this baby shower lol.

Su Anne and Jillian in charge of decorations while Lina and Sheena are in charge of baby games.

It was a all girls party :) 

Basically what I did was, tell them what I what ( I did so many research on pinterest, tell them the theme, flowers, deco and venue/time ) then they execute everything along with their brilliant ideas added up! 

Then all I did was rest :) I am so lucky. They didn't really want me to be involved as they wanted it to be a surprised as well!

On that day, I wasn't allowed to the venue till they set everything up. I was anxiously waiting in my room, getting dolled up while waiting for Su Anne's call. I knew they are gonna do such a great job. Normally I will be the Bridezilla or now Mamazilla, but I trust them.

Everything needs to be perfect

The theme was shade of blues at first, then we added the rubber duckie mascot and added a touch of yellow to our theme :)

I love the deco so much :) Picture Perfect!

So, this is how the day started, August 2nd 2014, 10 am :) 

The committee came in early to help decorate the venue while I was at home busy popping pop corn for my guest as the baby shower favours.

Brie made her delicious Mediterranean salad, so pretty :)

This is taken when I arrived, my younger brother Nixon was there to help me take some guest up as the girls were busy helping to set up :) Thanks NIX! :D

The chef and Su, YES! Marcus actually cook for the guest :) LOVE you baby!

 Becareful Chef, your clams almost terkeluar :P

 Thank you Su Anne for your yummy potato salad :D

After makaning the delicious meals, it was time for some GAMES! Prepared by Lina and Sheena

 I really think this photo is super funny, it looks like we were having a mesyuarat and look at my face, hahaha like a boss with 2 assistants! LOL 

We played BINGO and also Baby Charades which is soooooo funny, I remembered LAUGHING ALOT! 

It was so funny! How one action can CHANGE EVERYTHING after passing the message :)

Terri : Water Broke Action ? hahah

After the games, it was picture time with all the girls

Then came the part where the girls showered the baby with gifts :) 

Ashley, she's one of my very first friend when I moved down to KL and instantly we gotten close! Promised to meet her in RMIT but due to circumstances, I remain in KL heheh! BLAME MARCUS, no laaaa just joking! oh btw ASH! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the gift so much, when I hear it, I almost teared! It was beautifully composed! and you know Ive got a few favourite songs from The Cure :) And being able to listen to the lullaby version is amazing! Music means a lot to me, and I hope Baby M will have great taste in music like you :)

Brie, met her during CAPRICE music video shoot when I was 21 or younger :P Yup, we appeared in his first and second video shoot and instantly we shared the same taste in music ( Third Eye Blind ) and we could just talk for hours and she was also my event kaki :) Thank you for this lovely gift, can't wait for the photoshoot with my belly :) 

Jillian from, haahaha no la... that's not how I see you Jill! Ive know Jill since we were 7 years old? or younger? She's actually my sister's BFF and I treated her like my sister! We used to play in CRC a lot! Everytime we go out together just me and her, sure cry wan... haha cos we both always have emotional talks, emo but good talks :) and we both cry easily :P Thanks Jill for the presents, how thoughtful of you! Can I use it also when I shower with the baby? :P 

Jolyna and Zen, these two came like speed lighting to my life! We became fast friends while Jolyna is my cousin in law :) This two are my party kaki! Cant wait to party with you guys again once baby is out and Thank you both of you for the stylish shoes! Also, Jolyna will be getting married this year and I was supposed to be her bridesmaid but I had to decline cos I got preggers half way! Wishing you and Chris a happy wedded life :) 

 CHELLE! Another Michelle :) and YES she's my future sister in law heheh! I guess both brothers ( Marcus and Martin ) likes the name Michelle a lot! LOL :D Although we just met last year, I hope in the future we will have more parties and family bonding together! Thank you for the Baby Gap outfit, Baby M is gonna look so stylish in them! 

Melly and Jeen :D My indie kaki! haha, I've known Jeen from Taiping long long time ago while I just recently met Melly thru her and we became instant friends! I don't have a picture of Jeen in my shower as she couldn't make it so I had to curi her pic from FB! Sorry ahhh!!! :P Thank you for the baby bib and micro fiber blanky, its soooo soft! I might just use it for myself haha JK! 

NANA! She also came to life like the speed of light LOL! She is also my business partner for Mermaid Dreams :) Instantly clicked altho she's way younger than my usual group of friends. I love giving her advice and hear her awesome stories for being young and fabulous... my time has passed :p Now I am gonna be a mother / aunty hahaha! Thank you Nana for the lovely grey outfit, which is one of my fav colour :)

Su Anne and Amy, I don't know where to start... LOL SO many memories came flashing back as I'm typing this. My brain cannot think already! Met this two duo when I was college and like they said, your college friends will be your friends till the very end :) Can't imagine my life without you girls :) We've been thru thick and thin and now I can't believe SU is getting married and Im preggers. Back in the days, this girl only feeds/train me with alcohol hahah and she was the one who intro Marcus to me! Amy may always look like the shy one, but she's actually very garang! LOL, Don't MESS with her BUTT! Thank you girls for helping me out, it wouldn't be a memorable shower without you both!

TERRI TAN! ehhehehehe, FINALLY you can make it! She skipped my hens night, wedding and now only can see her pretty face! I knew Terri back in Taiping and we became closer when we were studying in KL! This girl cooks one of the best ABC Porridge! She will be such a lovely housewife and who ever marries her sure damn lucky. Thank you for the gift babe, can't wait to fill it up and let Baby M to read it once he's older :) 

KYLYE! Another new member in our group! :P Lucky Zeb! ( Marcus best friend ) Thank you for helping out on our special day :) Till now, there is still a debate where Marcus think the soft toy you gave is a rabbit while I said it's a kangaroo! LOL! Baby now can sleep soundly with ever soft blanky!  To many more good years to come #happyfamily heheheh * inside joke *

and lastly....

LINA, my younger sister :) Such a thoughtful gift, I guess baby M will sayang you more as I am gonna be the bad cop while Marcus is the good cop, hahahahhahha!  Thank you so much for organising this shower and once again you've never failed to make the party enjoyable, funny and memorable! Lina actually showered the baby with 3 gifts

OCEAN baby toy with music and light because we both grew up loving the sea sun and sand so much , I could easily fallen asleep just listening to it while starring at the ceiling full of stars:)

A jacket which looks like something Jordan would wear! ahhhaha :P Did you see my expression when I saw the jacket? I was like this jacket is so Jordan's style hehe

and lastly..

Mo, the bunny she hand sew herself which has a key in her heart for Baby M to unlock something in the future... I was like woahhhhh so creative! Sheena also told me that Lina had plans for this Baby M and Mo! This is gonna be his favourite toy for sure because it's rumoured that it can grant wishes... please don't ask for a Lamborghini :P hahha

Thank you again Lina! Cant wait to see you again in September! LOVE YOU! 

Phewwwww... I THINK AND WRITE till my hand hurts, such a long post right! Ok Ok, back to more pictures of the baby shower!

The Deco Team! YAY! Thank you for making everything prettttyyyyyy!!!

Forced Amy to take picture! Oh, did you notice I change my outfit? Because the baby shower actually ended about 4/5 pm and that's when my girlfriends lovers came to rampas them from me, hahaha NO la... I didn't want the party to end so we actually continued it and this time the guys joined in! 

Playing baby charades with the boys are so much fun!!!!! Their acting skills quite teruk hahaha and they kalah also LOL! 

Also, when the night hits, you see la this Su Su, busy pouring alcohol :P

 Overall, it was a MAJOR SUCCESS! I had a lot of fun and didn't want it to end and I hope the rest of the girls enjoyed themselves yeah! I also had fun decorating the nursery with the gifts the very next day :) 

Sisters forever! Bunny and Mo 

Special THANKS to Sheena who was there emotionally with me throughout the whole pregnancy. Couldn't go thru it without your support and love. Happy Birthday Sayang! 


White Dress from Zara :) 

Marcus and I would like to take this opportunity to THANK everyone who came for our baby shower! THANK YOU for making this day so special to both of us. We hope you enjoyed our company, games and food. To many more years of friendship :)



I am so tired... been writing this since 12 noon.. gonna take a nap now! Hehehe

Awesome pictures by Moose Pixels from Www. 

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