Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hooiliday 2014

What is Hooiliday you might ask?

OOI liday :) 

OOI Family holiday :)

This year, I wanted to do something special for the family trip to Pulau Perhentian. We've been to Pulau Perhentian since we were toddlers, I was about 2-3 years old when my parents took us there and we would drive there with all my dad's fishing kaki friends. We used to go there quite often when we were younger. The journey normally take about 5 hours from Taiping. But from KL, it took us about 6-7 hours.

We left KL about 3 am and just in time for sunrise :)

I actually plan this family trip for my dad, for his birthday actually as he loves fishing and I proposed this idea last December, before I was pregnant but we kinda cancel it when I was battling with my morning sickness, but thank goodness I was feeling much better after my second trimester and told my dad to let's carry on with the plan :) He then called his friend who works there to arrange everything for us. They've been friends for more than 20 years and still keep in touch. 

What my parents didn't know was we were planning family games this time instead of just chilling. It is good for family bonding and I was very much inspired by one of the episodes from Modern Family.

So I separate the team into two colours, and even printed T shirts for them with their childhood nicknames with numbers.

 Red Team 

Mom - Tikus No. Sepuluh ( all of her siblings are called tikus according to numbers, my mom was the youngest amongst all, anak ke sepuluh )

Marcus - Cus Boy ( Marcus mom calls him Cus Cus since young )

Cavin - Chukibin ( This is his first nickname given by his friends since he was young ) 

David - Khoongfupanda  ( A lot of people say that he looks like kungfu panda )

Mich - Maggie Mee (My hair used to be super curly like maggie mee, I rebond my hair like a million times hahah )

Blue Team

Dad - Mick Jagger ( My dad's friends said he looks like Mick Jagger since young and my friends all calls him Uncle Jagger instead of Uncle Garry )

Lina - Tong Sampah ( Lina was the only child who had straight hair in the family and my parents used to teased her that they kutip her from the tong sampah )

Nixon - Momok Pau ( This was Nixon's earliest nickname given by our cousin Chin Hui, who we used to play together since young

Sheena - Miku ( Sheena loves to eat Miku a lot since young and they said her hands and feet apparently looks like Miku )

We only told them about the family teams/games and t shirt when we reached our destination. My parents were shocked, happy shock and little did we know that the most competitive ones were both of them. They were so cute! Always trying to tease one another :) 

I was the referee and also the game planner for this round as I was preggers. 

My baby will be number  # 010 :) Cant wait till our next family holiday! For this trip, the RED Team WON :) and the Blue Team have to pay for dinner. 

This is such a good idea for family bonding and I suggest you all to try also! 

We stayed at Bubu Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil for 3 nights 4 days only. To be honest, it's quite expensive and not worthied for the priced we paid. But it was the best hotel in Pulau Kecil. Ala Carte food was good but the breakfast was just so-so only.... and they gave 2 free cocktails everyday from 5 - 6 pm for each person with some finger food. 

The sea is so beautiful with blue hues and white sands. It's actually more beautiful than Perhentian Besar. But the only thing is Long Beach is famous for it's party scene. Lucky we stayed at the far end and it's more quiet. But at night, the siblings did went dancing and drinking at the bar which was fun! I even joined them for one night and yes I danced with my baby hehe. Later kena marah from Marcus cos I jumped a bit too much while dancing haha! :p Not to say I jump that high also -_- " 

The next following days we just relax and chill from morning till evening. We also did water yoga and my siblings did managed to do one morning dive. It was a relaxing trip :) 

Till next time, Perhentian Kecil :) We shall bring Baby M there! 


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