Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Baby Books

We are taking our time to prepare for our baby and now that I'm much better, we started organising / cleaning our home and preparing ideas for the baby nursery. We hired a part time maid the other day and we actually spring clean our home from 12 noon till 7pm. There is a lot to clean in this 900 + sq condo. Hehe... I gave a way a few bags/ stuff to the maid and she was really pleased, perhaps thats why she did a really good job! Heh.

This is gonna be our baby's room :) Used to be my office but I have to give up my space for my baby. I have so many ideas flowing and can't wait to get started :) 

We might renovate this single bed frame  to a queen size bed as it might be dangerous for the baby to climb when he's/ she's one years old. But part of us wanted to keep this because if its a boy, he can imagine that he's in a battle ship and we can have to much fun with it. At least thats what Marcus said. We love this bed, we even called it our hamster bed / room :) small, cozy and fun to hang out at because of the layout of the bed frame.The sunken bed somehow makes us feel safer. Well, if its a girl, we might change it. 

I've been reading this book that my mother in law borrowed from her friend who breastfeeds both of her children, and YES I choose to breastfeed my baby! YAY! BUT this book was written in 1996.... so after spending one whole day trying to finish reading it, I thought it might be out of date and you know how things change quickly but Im pretty sure the basic is there....So, I actually use my Sony XPERIA Z1 Info- Eye Camera to check out this book. 

1. Take a picture of the book

 2. You can read the reviews :) How informative.

3. You can also see similar books related

Why, Thank you Info-Eye! The book gets quite a good review :) But I think I still need to get another book as I heard breastfeeding is hard if it's not latch on properly. Breast sore, crack and bleeding nipple... oh my... I hope I can go through this! 

Chilling with Malibu on a rainy day while reading the second book :) 

Have a great day everyone!
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