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When I Knew I was Pregnant

Hey everyone! How was your Mother's Day? I went to church followed by lunch with my mother in law family while my mom and dad are in Singapore with Lina. Mothers have this special talent, in the bible, they always ask the husbands to love their wives but never ask the wives to love their husbands, do you know why? Because wives/mothers are natural lovers while husband/father needs to learn to love. Some quite kayu wan.. like Marcus hahah JK! 

Yesterday's pic at VCR, YES I've put on some weight as I've been eating more... Baby is growing fast and YES Marcus is getting fatter too 

Ok, todays topic is about finding out when I got preggers 

I call this.... women's instinct? 

Here's my story 

I seriously don't know why, but after my birthday... I felt like I was pregnant... After a week of celebration, I just got this feeling. I had no sign of pregnancy and I predicted even before my period arrives. I just knew. I also don't know why I was eager to find out even though I know my period due date is arriving...I just couldn't wait. 

I actually found out during the evening of the Elle Magazine launch in Zebra Square

Haha, I remember talking to Audrey(4ft9) when she asked me when am I going to have a baby during the Elle event, ironically I asked her the same thing last year during NN party where she was already pregnant but couldn't announce it till the first trimester was over. She said she was just trying but she was already pregnant because she announce it as it was still her first trimester. So, I didn't tell her also haha cos I also pantang. Hers is one mommy blog that I like because her baby was born prematurely and I followed her story and how strong she and Tim was. 

OK, now to the pee stick story! 

I actually tried it on the day before the event , but it come out ERROR, I was like WHHHATTTTTTT???? Waste money only 

So the next day I bought Clear Blue and one ciplak one to test...

I used to ciplak one first.. come out one line... so in my heart, ok not pregnant.. but after 20 mins, another line appeared but blurrrredddd. I was like WHHATTTTTTT!!!! Straight away I told Marcus I think theres a high chance Im pregnant, he was so happy... but I told him tomorrow I double confirm again. Instantly after that I created a group chat in whatsapp with my sister, Sheena and Jasiminne, titled 

Then they told me... I confirm pregnant, if not... the second line won't be out even thought its blurred

True enough, later at night, the second line came out so much clearer after the Elle Magazine Launch

I was nervous... 

So the next morning ( they said its best to try it in the morning ) I decided to try again, this time to pee on the RM 30 Clear Blue Stick the THIRD TIME

I waited for a while and then it came out that I'm five weeks preggers!

I was like whhattttttt... 5 weeks already? So fast!

Im sure a lot of you think my baby was conceived during my birthday getaway in Port Dickson, well everyone is wrong. 

It was during CHINESE NEW YEAR SECOND DAY, JANUARY 31 in the afternoon... Too much information? ahhahaha It's also a funny story how and what happened after that. I remember laughing a lot, and no we weren't drunk. It was about 3 pm on a hot sunny afternoon :p

When I went to the clinic to double confirm, the doctor told me this

" WAH, Chinese New Year also you all got time to do arrrr ? LOL "

It must be the wishes my parents gave me and Marcus, cos when we lou the YEE SANG, they said 
 GRANDCHILD PLEASE, CUCU PLEASE a lot of times and they lou so high, laughing and teasing me and Marcus. MANA TAU REALLY KENA! That was the first time our family had yee sang as we don't practise it.

Actually, to be honest, I told Marcus early this year that I don't want to get pregnant as Im busy with my bikini line and blog, and I told him by end of this year after SHEENA AND JOLYNA get married then only we can try. I was the bridesmaid for both of them and now I can't even help!!! and worst of all, I can't even attend Jolyna and Chris wedding as it clashes with my confinement days. Lucky Sheena pushed her dates haha! Saranghae! 

I was also telling Marcus that I don't want to delay my bikini line as it was planned for about a year already and after looking so long for the perfect material, we finally found it. Of course we wanna do our best and source for the right material and factory but that took quite a while. We planned this before our honeymoon trip. See, so long already. The designs were ready by then, but sourcing material was hard as we wanted certain colours.

Ok ok, back to pregnancy

After visiting the clinic to double confirm, Marcus and I was so happy... but I didn't tell my parents yet as they were on a holiday in China. I told the rest of the family and close friends only and everyone was excited. 

We were blessed with a child :) 

Then it hit me

OMG I WAS DRINKING SO MUCH DURING MY BIRTHDAY! ( I was already preggers by then ) You know all my friends who will feed me alcohol ( stares at Jolyna and Suanne ) hahahha this two drinkers made sure I had enough haha! Also, I ate so much sashimi that week and kena dog bite! I was so scared that I might miscarriage or the risk of birth defect will be high, but THANK HEAVENS, baby is fine! PHEW, because it was still at an early stage...


Actually, I don't anything about being pregnant. I don't really research about it. All I know was women will be 9 months preggers. I didn't even know many of them count by weeks! and total 38 to 40 weeks, I had no clue.


I research like crazy after that. What not to do and what not to eat. Didn't know that you need to know so many stuff when you are pregnant.


But I cannot makan, cis... 

I WANT SI HAM ( kerang ) ALSO! T_T

This was all still Week 5. I didn't know that Week 6 would changed my life. Till the next time, I will talk about that ok? :D Stay tuned and have a blessed day!

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