Sunday, 4 May 2014

We're Pregnant

We're Pregnant :)

Hello everyone! Marcus and I are happy to announced that we are expecting our first born by October 2014. I am currently 4 months pregnant and one of the reason why I stopped blogging for a while was because I've been hit by morning sickness pretty bad.

I was thinking a way of how to announce my pregnancy to my blog readers and since that I blog about fashion mostly and I love fashion so so so much ( hopefully baby will too ) I decided to pose with a baby onesie! Isn't it cute? I can't wait to dress my baby up!

 I shall be blogging more about pregnancy in this blog starting now :) My first semester was horrible and I shall blog about my experience soon, I lost almost 4 kg, almost admitted to the hospital and even fainted :( But don't worry the baby is healthy, thats the most important part, let mamabear suffer. 

This blog is to remind my baby how hard mamabear went thru during pregnancy! hehe! Love you! 

Mamabear and Papabear posing with your ultrasound picture :) You were only 11 weeks here :) 
But this picture was taken when mama bear is already 15 weeks pregnant :)

Yup, papabear can't wait to play and toss you up in the air like what he's doing here. 
Hopefully not too high.... Mamabear so worried. 

I also wanna take this opportunity to thank a few people who helped me throughout the first trimester

My Loving Husband! 

He's been so patience with me and he really helped me around the house as I was bedridden most of the time.... I can't do anything at all because I was suffering from morning sickness. I felt so bless that I've got such a loving husband who goes to work, come home and clean the whole house and never complains. Our relationship became so much better after I got pregnant cos he said I was so calm and my mood was good, I never picked a fight! Of course la babykins, you work so hard, then come back and clean the house and clean Malibu's pee and poo poo... I also pity you la.. I know you very tired but don't worry my energy is slowly coming back and I shall help you more k! 

My Family

They were so excited when they heard about the news and straight away stock up my fridge with bird nest LOL ( daddy's side business is selling bird nest ) and they come to KL more often now to visit us and make sure I was ok as they are worried. My sister cried when she first found out and was so excited for us and even helped me around the house and shower Malibu whenever she's back from Singapore. My eldest brother expression was priceless! He was so happy when we told him :) and even help tapau food for me when Marcus went for business trips. Well, Nixon is in UK and is happy also! Cant wait to see you this summer! Study hard! 

My Mother in Law

I have the best! Like seriously, she cooks for me everyday and always make fruit juice and make sure I'm eating right. She's a nurse who used to work with a child specialist, I AM SO LUCKY RIGHT? Slowly, she's teaching me about how to take care of a baby as she also used to be a confinement lady. 
She will also help me clean my house and won't let me lift a finger. Thanks Mom! I am indeed so bless to have you :) 

My Fairy Godmothers

Jasiminne, Sheena and Lina, the baby's Fairy Godmother, yeah we kinda copy the 3 fairies from Sleeping Beauty hehe :) These girls were the first to know ( will blog about how I found how I was pregnant in the next post ) Thank you girls for being there for me, Marcus and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. Im sure you will spoil our baby but not too much yeah, cos I think I will be the bad cop while marcus will be the good cop :/ 

Ok lah, I should stop here or else I won't stop typing as Ive got many things to share with everyone! Just stay tuned for the next pregnancy post yeah :)

Have a good day everyone 

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