Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Michiekins Random 4

The wildcard is back! It's been a long time since I blog about my wildcards! 
Last was NO. 3, read here : Michiekins Random 3

Ok, so let's talk about Fashion, Movie, Music , Food, Gossip and Random thoughts

Fashion :

Loving Zuhair Murad Pre Fall 2014 :)

Movie : 

This particular movie was introduced by my elder brother 


Freaking funnyyyyyyy LOL! It's a must watch! The whole movie is in Spanish and Will Ferrell never fails us! He is so funny! Highly recommended for a good laugh :) Btw, did you know that it took one month for Will Ferrell to learn Spanish? :)

Music :

On repeat mode :

Happy Pills by Norah Jones

Heard it on the radio and immediately asked Jasiminne to find out what song is it using some music app! Been listening to it ever since :) A nice happy chill song to make my mood good :) cos it's been a bit bad lately ( husband complain jorrrrr ) haahahhaha :P Sorry love!

Food :

Oppss... sorry no new findings at the moment.
Sorrrryyyy :/ Marcus been cooking and we are into veges now! 

Gossip :

OMG I DIDNT KNOW THAT CARA DELEVINGNE is dating Michelle Rodriguez ( fast & furious actress ) Such a shocker!

Random thoughts :

Marcus and I love ASNTM!!!!!!! hahhhahhahaha! WE love Team Sheena and Team Nicole! I personally think that they modelled best! I actually think that Sneha (India ) hair was very beautiful until they chopped it off, she looks a bit weird but her face is so gorgeous and also, I didn't like when they highlighted Sheena's hair pink/red... looks more childish, I personally think she looks better with just platinum blonde hair

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