Thursday, 6 February 2014

The year of the ROSE GOLD! HUATTT ARRR!!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Hope everyone's new year is great so far! I know I've enjoyed mine with the family but not so much on the ang pows as I have to give people since I'm married.

Just Joking :p

This new year, to create more 'ONG' ( good luck ), CELCOM wishes you blessed with good fortune and prosperity! May you usher the Year of the Horse with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition only with CELCOM!

For me, the colour ROSE GOLD is very ONG! (Huatttt arrr ) so it's a must have item!

Both of the colours looks very luxurious right? LOVE IT!

When you purchase the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition, you can enjoy:

A free Moschino case worth RM189 ( OMG FOR REAL :D ??? )

On the side note, im so loving the latest collection from Moschino by Jeremy Scott!

I love with it when a phone collaborate with a fashion designer!

Loving the touch of luxury in the Samsung GALAXY Note 3

Thanks to CELCOM you may now enjoy it!!

Also, when you sign up for any CELCOM First with mPro plan with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 in ANY colour, you can enjoy:

The Samsung GALAXY Gear (Orange) at only RM288!!
( saya pun mau )

Now, you may ask... why CELCOM for Samsung GALAXY Note 3?

1.It’s the fastest network that lets you get online anytime, anywhere.

2;With the network that keeps you connect 24/7, your mobile experience is brought to life. Now you can truly enjoy it without compromise.

3.They are consecutive winners of Frost & Sullivan Awards, further enforcing their status as Malaysia’s best network.

4.They’re known to have one of the best packages and plans. This time is no different.

5.Even if you need help with anything, CELCOM Customer Service is always ready at your service, eager to help you find a solution.

Now you can enjoy your new phone with the fastest network provider! loving the Usain Bolt for Celcom! I thought it was a genius adv and guess what, it won awards! 

Don't play play!!

A must have for more ONG LAI! ( incoming luck )

For more info about the Samsung GALAXY Note 3, click here :

Don't have to think twice! Now you can use the ang pow money that I gave you to buy the new phone! :P 

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