Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Moet & Chandon Parrtttyyyyyy!

Champagne for everyone!
Champagne for everyone!
Champagne for everyone!
Champagne for everyone!
Champagne for everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank Moet & Grey for this exclusive invitation to be part of this art project. Jasiminne and I had a lot of fun creating this masterpiece, also thank you Sheena ( my cousin ) who came down all the way from Penang to help me stick the confetti ( LOVE YOU SO MUCH ) and being so supportive throughout this project. ( She also helped me film the interview ) If you like Korean Inspired look / ootd, make sure to follow her on Instagram @sheenalks.

Jasiminne, Michelle and Sheena 

Ok, back to the PARTTTYYYYYY :D It was held at Providence KL and I was really excited about this project as there are 3 artist

1. Graphic Designer Driv Loo
2. Head Band Designer Kamae Lee
3. Illustrator Jasiminne Yip

Moet paired Jasi and I for this artwork and I was lucky enough to work with my best friend! We've been working together since college years when we present to our lecturer :)

 Kamae Lee  paired with socialite / friend Valerie Ong, love her sense of style :) and their masterpiece was gorgeous as they both created this pinkish flowery headband with crystals all around. 

Jasiminne did most of it while she was in London, while Sheena and I just paste the confetti and the pearls to give it a more 3D art kinda feeling to that the artwork will stand out. If only every time we open a bottle of Moet, heart confetti and pearls will flow out :) 

A big THANK YOU to all the girls who came and supported us during our special night! You girls are the best! :D 

Special thanks to my husband for coming as well although I know he was really busy with work 

 A group picture for those who work on the artwork :) Congrats everyone! Job well done!

Jasiminne and I up on stage being interviewed by Will Quah about our artwork

Our artwork got auctioned for 18 bottles of Moet :) 

Then it's time to DANCE! 

Drink more ahhhh, Chris! 

I remember SU put this on her instagram and Nick commented that I look like I was giving birth to baby! Hahahahahhaha 

Well, to me it's more like 

We already have lots of proper picture during the event, so why not BREAK DANCE a bit ?

Many of you asked where did I get my dress from!


 LOVE at first sight!

Hair done by Leo from Hair Quarters Solaris Mont Kiara
Ever since I moved to MK, he's the only stylist which I let him touch my hair... been a loyal customer since then :)

Special note to AH HWA aka Jasiminne, LOVE YOU! Hope we get to work together again!
Follow her blog here : and also want to see more of her gorgeous face? Follow her in Instagram @jasiminne

The new blogger header picture is taken by the talented Jasiminne Yip :)

S A R A N G H A E  

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