Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mika Full Moon


I can't believe it's been a month plus already since I gave birth to Mika! Some say it's so fast but honestly, I THINK it's a bit slow for me because I was counting down the days! LOL!

Motherhood is hard. 

It is a 24/7 job.

Go hug your mother now.

As you all know, motherhood started pretty hard for me because of my stomach muscle tore during labour and it's slowly getting better. I can now walk and sleep in my favourite position and I can carry Mika easily whenever he cries. So, now at night I nurse him by myself.

I am still fully breastfeeding Mika every 2 or 3 hours. On a good day, Mika will let me sleep for 4 hours, but sometimes I wake up every hour to nurse him. So basically I got not much sleep during at night and yes my eye bags are pretty bad! 

My mother in law will help me when I last nurse him at 7 am and she will take over and let me sleep till 11 am or 12 noon. She will bottle feed Mika with the breast milk which I pump. I am currently using Medela Swing, if anyone wanna know and I love it. So far no problem and no, it doesn't hurt to pump.

So far one of the biggest challenge for me is BURPING. You seriously must know your baby's gesture. Every cry or sound means something. Mika also throw out a lot of milk if I don't burp him properly and yes, we change many outfits in a day for him. So, please prepare more clothes. I am blessed that my milk supply is quite good. It usually overflows and even spray on Mika's face. My bed now is filled with towels and cloths just to clean him from overflowing milk and also to protect my bed sheet and pillows. It can be quite messy and tiring at times. But sometimes funny when you see the milk "pancut keluar " showering Mika's face or the bed, thanks to eating lots of fish that my parents bought. 

Also, Mika's timing couldn't get any better! He usually cries when I am about to eat or poop. NO JOKE! This happened a few times already. I don't have time for myself anymore! 

As for the changes in my body..... oh well, the tummy is still there along with the stretch marks and my boobs are so much bigger which leads to 


Seriously, only Sheena and Nessa knows how I feel as I was trying on my old clothes in front of them. I was like  -_-|||| 


I CANT FIT 50% of my old clothes, I wonder how could I fit into size 0 last time? I just cleaned my wardrobe and hope to shop soon.

That is why I don't have any #OOTD pics at all! I am mostly wearing loose shorts and big tshirt. 
I really miss dressing up and I can't wait to go out and shop! I really miss blogging about fashion and going to fashion events too! I will try to keep this blog content more on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and motherhood ok! 

Please bear with me for a while! I need to go out and see what's new!

We also celebrated Mika's Full Moon recently at La Casa located at Verve Shops Mont Kiara. So now whoever wanna find me can meet me at Verve shops as its the most convenient way for me just to walk down using the private lift from my unit to the shop lots! They've got Podgy & The Banker and also B Lab Cafe. Trust me, there are many things to consider before packing stuff for Mika when we want to take him out. So I rather just meet at Verve Shops and enjoy a cup of Iced Chocolate or Camomile tea.

We rented the whole space for dinner at La Casa and I am glad everyone love the food! The place is super cozy and I love the rustic feel to it. Thank you everyone who came. At first, I wanted to do a small party but at the end we invited about 100 people to celebrate with us. We were so busy that day till we didn't really take any pictures at all with my camera. Everyone was on time and we were busy entertaining families, relatives and good friends all around. I wished I took some pic but luckily Moose Pixel from came to the rescue and send me some awesome pictures! Hope you like them!

 Happy Full Moon Mika :)

My eldest brother, Cavin

Jillian from

 Sheena and Baby Asher, both too cute 

 Mika and my long hand 

 The beautiful friends ( L-R ) Sheena, Jillian, Nessa and Michie

All of my good friends 

 Sheena and my niece Pinky 

 Mika wants milk from Aunty Brie Brie

Pinky and her temporary tattoo from

My niece Claryssa with her awesome new temporary tattoo 

Aww so much love

Cavin joins the gang and put on some temp tatts as well!

Susu modelling for

MIL and Mika :)
( Mother in Law )

JK and Ching, both single... Can PM me if you are interested haha

Povy and Nana 

Princess is now fatter LOL and she gets angry when we told her that! :P She must be very happy with WL :P

 Serving Chandon for the night
Royal Salute for the older people, Haig Club for the gentlemen, Chandon for the ladies and beer for everyone 

No, I didn't drink at all :) 

Nessa, Nana and hello Mr.Goh who came late!

Haig Club ( We bought it to support David Beckham ) 

Thank you Moose Pixel from for the photos

Thank you Grandma and Granpa for my first Gold :)

Thank you again everyone who came to celebrate with us!



  1. hi there. can i know where to buy Haig Club back in Msia and what's the price of it? :)

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