Monday, 3 November 2014

My breastfeeding story

Breastfeeding / Breastfeed = BF

Some of you might be scared by this word or even shiver cause as you know,
breastfeeding isn't easy.

All you need is a good latch, enough sleep, cabbage and fish in your fridge, patience, enough  rest and always have a glass of water /red dates drink / milo by your side when you are BF.

The first milk is called colostrum and that's the most important for your newborn during the first 3 days. During my stay in Prince Court ( 3 days ) the nurses encourages and teaches us how to BF your baby and they will not give up till your baby is latched on properly.

Mika is considering doing really well and BF wasn't a problem till we got home.

On the fourth or fifth day, my breasts got engorged. Meaning no more colostrum, hello milk!

I didn't had enough sleep and I could felt like my breast was hard as stone. I forgot what I've read so far about BF via online and suddenly I was BF-ing Mika from 1 am till 5 am and there was no milk. Note that I was also sleepy at that time and couldn't really concentrate.

I turned to panic mode and begun to cry, dahlah I not enough sleep and now NO MILK? 
It was like a dry well and I didn't know till I was curious why isn't Mika sleepy? Why he keep on latching and latching but he still wasn't full? 

It was till I try to get some milk out and notice it was dry. 

Then I went online to check and found out the cabbage actually helps during engorgement.

THANK GOD I had cabbage inside my fridge and quickly I put two leaves on my breasts and it cups perfectly, like little mermaid.. and next thing you know, milk started flowing in.

So now you know, days before you EDD ( Estimate Due Date ) please buy some cabbage and put in your fridge. 

I was so happy and Mika slept well after he was full. 

On the side note, do not cover your nipple with cabbage, so make a hole in the middle! After putting it on for about 5-10 mins, clean it a wet cloth.

The other thing I learn was every new mother needs her rest and sleep in order to produce moremilk. This is really really important, so when the baby is sleeping, you try to sleep too. Confirm got milk! 

Fish is another source which helps to produce more milk! I have fish everyday and I can't leave the dinning table without finishing it. 

When you are breastfeeding, you get dehydrated fast... so remember to always have a tumbler or a glass of water right beside you. You don't wanna wake up in the middle of the night coughing while leads to waking the baby up!

I could say now that things are getting better, I have enough sleep and Mika and I will automatically wakeup during night time feedings. I feed normally every 2-3 hours and I will also pump out some milk just incase if I want to sleep from 7 am till 11 am, then my mother in law or Marcus will feed the baby via bottle cause mommmaaaa need some rest! 

The milk did spill once or twice and I was like : NOOOOOOOOO!!! It's LIQUID GOLD! It's too precious for me to lose some :( But of course I didn't cry over spill milk, I am now more careful when handling breast milk now. They are seriously precious.

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Being a first time mom has really changed me. All my attention is now to my baby and how to raise and take care of him properly. NO mom is perfect. Do all you can is the best! Breastfeeding is indeed challenging, but don't worry, with some tips, you will find it quite enjoyable during breastfeeding and it's a great way to bond with your baby.

I will BF Mika each boobs till he latch out ( normally 15 mins each boob ), burp him, then check his diapers before sleep time. It's very important that you check all those before sleeping or he might wake up earlier and you'll have to wake up again to see why is he crying.

It's also interesting how my milk will just flow when Mika is awake! It's like an alarm clock :) Mika and my boobs are somehow connected!

Look Ma~ I can pose! 
and No, I am not struggling when Aunty Jasikins is holding me!

Thanks Jas for the beautiful flowers!

Till the next post! Momma Michie and Baby Mika signing off!




  1. Congratulations Michiekins on your beautiful baby Mika! I am happy both mommy and Baby are doing well. Thanks for sharing your story and mommy tips with all of us! I have enjoyed reading them and experiencing mommy hood through you :)

    Please continue to share your journey with all of us!

    Missie :)

    1. Thank you Missie ;D Glad you enjoy reading! will def. blog more about motherhood!

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