Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pregnancy, Beauty, Fashion and a Wedding

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Miss my blog so much! So sorry for ignoring you, but I've been super busy ( OKlah, I admit I've been taking a lot of naps also hahah but hey! I am making a baby ok! I need my rest! )

I just wanna update everyone about my pregnancy and what I've been doing as I am gonna deliver anytime now :) I am currently on 38 weeks, normally pregnancy is about 40 weeks.

So far, everything is good, been busy preparing for baby, so many things to buy and read about babies. My baby weighs about 3.1kg as of yesterday's visit, which the doctor said is a bit big for my size. Just last two weeks, the baby was 2.5kg and the doctor said when I deliver, should be about 2.8/2.9 kg but now, he already hit 3.1kg. Honestly, I am quite nervous, don't know if I can push my baby out or not hehe but should be ok, I leave it to GOD :) Please pray for me ok? 

Let's talk about happier stuff! My new stroller!! Which I LOVEEEE!!!!! 

When I first saw it, I knew I must have it


Introducing Mima Xari, Snow White :)

I know a lot people will say... sure dirty fast etc etc, but it's leather and easy to clean and you can even change the colours and buy accessories. Honestly, it's like getting a new handbag. I can't wait to stroll around with Baby M :) I also love the alien like egg shape as it looks posh and futuristic. The Mima Xari stroller is quite high ( can avoid backache and more eye contact with baby ) and you can change it to a carry cot.

Thank you mom, mom in law and brother in law who bought this gift for me! 
Baby M is so blessed 

I also consider myself very lucky as many of you told me that I am glowing :) Since then, I love to doll up and apply make up! I just want to look pretty during the second and third trimester. Here are some makeups which I recently bought which are my current favourites!

Decided to change my foundation and giving this a try, very moisturising and long lasting which I love and I like how it gives my skin this smooth refine texture. It's a perfect pair for my Chanel LeBlanc powder, which is the best powder I've ever used for this past years. I only use on special occasions. The rest of the time, I just prefer to put concealer under my eyes and to cover redness.

I am also now trying their LeBlanc cleanser, I used it once before, but it was a different one, I think that one is for moisturing and dehydrating. The sales person recommended this because she said I might look dull after giving birth, due to not enough sleep and tiredness. So I need the LeBlanc to brighten up my face :)

 I love love love my new concealer from Marc Jacobs! It makes my eyes a lot brighter and can conceal all my redness along my nose and chin. I used to use the YSL touché éclat, but since I can't find YSL in Malaysia, I decided to give Marc Jacobs a try! You can get this at Sephora. 

My latest addiction, the GIVENCHY lip liner which is waterproof, glides easily and I am so loving this colour, I can use it for everyday look!!! It also comes with a sharpener! Yay! Highly recommended! Got this from Sephora, if not mistaken it's RM 75. 

No, I am not advertising for Sephora, it just that they carry good brands. My next target would be PHYTO for HAIR. My sister and Marcus has been using it and it's one of the best hair care brand. I also am looking forward to Tom Ford makeups, but I can't get in KL, nearest is Singapore. I bought one lipstick from them and totally love it, hopefully I can travel again to Singapore after my delivery.

Ok, enough of beauty products, let's talk about FASHION!

Our bikini line, Mermaid Dreams is now available at POP SHOP JAYA ONE, under THE SCHOOL 
It will be placed there till end of October, so hurry! Get your bikini for end of the year holidays! Not only that, my clothing line KINSXSTYLE is also there and it's now on 20% discount :) ( the two racks on the right corner ) Go ahead and have a look at our material, padding and finishing :) Our materials are from Japan and comes with push up padding for some designs.

 Just ask the promoter where is KINSXSTYLE booth and they will guide you incase you can't find it :)

Follow MermaidDreamsMY on Instagram now!
Facebook : MermaidDreamsMY

The other day I felt like dressing up but I was so sick of wearing dresses, do I decided to try to fit in my tee from Dimepiece LA, which I order online and I can still fit! You know lah, American XS is still huge for me and it fits perfectly with the baby bump! This is one of my favourite tees from them.


Btw, I just coloured my hair Ash Brown cos I know I will not have time once the baby is out and my hair condition is already quite bad! Half black half brown :( And I wanted to look nice when the baby arrives, yes I'm gonna pack some makeup to the hospital, perhaps my Marc Jacobs concealer hehe!

Also, I've been looking for a pyjamas for easy breast feeding :) Found this from LaSenza and totally in love with it. I bought one black and one grey. I would need a button top so that I can easily breastfeed my baby :) This one I can just pull it and the buttons will open smoothly and fast! SCORE! 
Highly recommended for mothers who breastfeeds! I am wearing M size here. The looser, the better! Now you can breastfeed in style LOL! 

OK, gonna end the post with a happy note.

Weddings :) 

Last week was Chris and Jolyna's ROM in Saujana, overlooking a beautiful serene lake and lush of greens as the background. I love weddings. I would cry every time. As the bride walks with her dad, I begin to cry and I noticed Lina also started to cry hahah I guess the Ooi sisters cry easily :) 

It was a indeed a beautiful wedding, simple and elegant.

Congratulations again to the beautiful couple

Husband and I 

Family :) Sister Lina and Cousin Sheena

 Aunty Mimi, Jordan, Lina, Me, Sheena and Mom in Law

 As you can see, the theme colour was white and khakis :) 

My #ootd

Dress and blazer from H&M
Shoes from Melissa
Necklace from KINSXSTYLE
Cant wear heels till baby is out! 

PS : During the wedding, I was hoping that my water didn't break! haha :P I told the baby, you better stay inside and be a good boy! 

Perhaps the next post would be written when I already given birth, for latest updates, you can follow me on Instagram @Michiekins. I am sure many of you want to know my baby's name :) Till then, 




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