Monday, 25 August 2014

Third Trimester

I can't believe I left 60 days to go! ....... sorry still in shocked when I checked my " Im Pregnant " App, the app I used to keep track of my baby's growth :) I am still nervous but excited. Marcus and I just went for our Parentcraft course last Saturday and when I saw the EPIDURAL needle, I was woooahhhhhhhhhh, everyone in the auditorium was laughing in shocked how thick and long and needle is. For now, we opted for normal delivery birth and depends of my pain threshold if I need any mild dosage of epidural or not as a pain relief. I want to remain as calm as possible and listen to Rockabye Baby Lullabies in the labour room. I seriously can't wait to blog about my experience.

So far my third trimester hasn't really been treating me well. I loathe my first trimester, LOVE my second trimester and now, I just want my third trimester to pass quickly. It's not as fun as the second trimester but still much better than the first. WHY?

1. My back ache is sometimes unbareable. OMG I TELL YOU, I've never suffered so much of a  backache before and I can't do many things. Sometimes I admit, I can forget that Im pregnant ( pregnancy brain ahhahha ) and I am quite CHOH LOR ( rough, clumsy ) when I am cleaning the house. Yes, I can't really stand dirt right now and I just want to clean and decorate my house only.... I even curi curi go shopping alone last two weeks when Marcus is not around at H&M Home to buy a few nice pillow cases just because I got a new sofa bed. I love/adore H&M Home! Ended up buying quite a few stuff! Their glass jars and storage bags are quite cool.

2. I am forever HUNGRYYYYYYY, and I only crave for sweet stuff! Most of the time I will think of ICE CREAMS! or cakes/desserts. But mainly ICE CREAMS! I am now currently 50kg and I think I have to add another 3kg before delivery. Later no strength to push my baby.

3. I am forever tired and sleepy. YES, I sleep a lot these days.... back like in first trimester. I wake up, eat then go back to sleep ( if the house is clean ) if not I will clean a bit first. 

4. I am feeling hot altho the aircond and fan is ON! I can't believe that I actually sweat! and Marcus said he's just fine. But I quite like the hot flushes, makes me look like I have natural pink cheeks hehe but for a while only :( 

5. Nowadays when I wakeup, we all would normally stretch  right? I can't even stretch my legs or else sure kena cramps :( You know, the muscle pulling type which is soooo painful. Sigh... Everything also must do slowly. 

6. Forever running to pee... well, this is normal but sometimes can be quite irritating having to to go the toilet so many times in a short span. Oh yeah, did I tell you my good friend CONSTIPATION is back from my first trimester? hahahahahah and now that my baby is growing bigger, and the bones are harden, sometimes I feel quite painful when he starts kicking or moving. Sometimes I can't sleep because of that.

7. Mood swings. I was calm in the first two trimester but I must say it's slowly getting worst now. I get angry, moody and annoyed easily but yet I recover very fast from that. Then I am calm again. I hope I will stay calm throughout delivery. If I scream also if just to scare Marcus during delivery hahaha... to make sure he knows that how painful it is giving birth hehe ( so jahat right ?  )

So I think I better cage myself at home but at the same time, I always feel like going out on weekends, to buy baby stuff or home stuff or window shopping for a while. Sometimes I forgot that I AM HEAVILY PREGGERS now.... maybe cos I didn't really gained that much weight as I expected but now I do feel it...  :) I still love dolling up and meeting friends but now I faced another issue. NOTHING TO WEAR! Or more like CANNOT WEAR most of my clothes... ( can cry wan you know... ) also, I now prefer to wear simple dresses but face and hair must look nice. This baby really like me to FA CHONG, CAT ICI! Hhahaha. 

Oh! I also discover that H&M Avenue K has newborn section!!!!! I WAS BEYOND HAPPY!!!!! Because I remember that Jasikins told me she couldn't find it in H&M Lot 10 ( I was homebound due to morning sickness ) and so I had to order online from their UK website. While I was in Avenue K, I just went to the baby section to check it out and to my surprise, they have the newborn section :) I am happy as a clam and also to think I can shop there as I love H&M a lot! Their baby clothes are super cute and most importantly, super affordable :) Not only that, Plaza 1 Mont Kiara H&M outlet also has a wide range of kids's clothing! Good la, then I don't have to drive so far when there's an outlet which is just 5 minutes away :) 

OK, enough of me ranting... I wanna take a short nap now. Chao!



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  4. Hi Michiekins,

    I'm trying my best to keep track of you , your blog & your new life I'm working like a mad young lady nowadays , and hunting for a new job to improve myself in fashion industry. I actually encountered something in youtube which you can do what you love while mika is sleeping / naping. You mind if I whatsapp u ? It's just a suggestion not direct sales ya ..LOL... Btw , where is H&M Home? Kuala Lumpur? I miss KL a LOT ...

    Your supporter,

    Brenda Robson =)

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