Monday, 10 February 2014

Michiekins " A Beach Year "



Not only it's a month of love, it's also my birth month!
( downside is that husband likes to combine 2 presents to 1, cis.... )


This year . I want to declare it 

A Beach Year
for Michiekins

sun   .   sand   .   sea

I would like to travel to as many island as I can. But I doubt I can go every month
 ( NO MONEY LAH ) Its ok, I can cheat by going to the Sky Beach in level 34 in my condo.

Guess by the end of the year I shall be tan

January : Penang 
February : Port Dickson
March : Phuket & Koh Lanta
April : ( Club Med Cherating?? )
May : ? ( Koh Phi Phi ?? )
June : Perhentian Island??
July : ?
August : ?
September : ?
October : ?
November : ?
December : Maldives again :D ? for sheena's wedding? 

Anyways, I've always love the ocean than the hills and this year, I celebrated my birthday earlier with my parents, mom in law and close friends. I hosted a small party at the Sky Beach in my condo and we have the whole place to ourselves.

It was a bikini / mermaid theme :)

Let the pictures do the talking

My birthday piñata :) Seamus the tranny

Just chilling with Seamus, Nana and my dad

Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial

Hot Jacuzzi :3

With Sheena Love


Received a bouquet of fruits from Nana, delivered straight to the Sky Beach by Yummyflowerz :)
Thank you Nana!

Chris checking out Seamus's butt

Wearing Mermaid Dreams Bikini SS 14

The Cray Cray Group!

View from Jasiminne's camera 

This year, instead of a birthday cake, I had piñata filled with candy :)

Lady in Red who just got off the plane in Singapore and came straight to my party :P LOVE YOU!

Then it's time to hit the piñata as everyone sings the birthday song :)


Then SMASH!!! 
( I felt so guilty whacking a mermaid )

Sorry Seamus! But now I already joined back the head! So it's still alive! YAY!

Then it was time to open the presents!!!!!!!!

They even hide the Givenchy paper bag and asked me to look for it!

Thank you everyone below who gave me the Givenchy Bambi clutch

Sheena : Mi Amour :) Hugs! Im glad your going to Phuket with us!
David : Thanks D! Such a good son! Take care of Sheena!
Jolyna : Thank you Miss Fit! Thanks for hiding the paper bag! hahahha! LOL
Chris : Erm.. don't stare of Seamus's butt too long next time, but thank you for the pressie
Suanne: MEOW MEOWW! Thank you for the prezzie! Hope to see more of you this year
Ian : Cheers Ian, Thanks! Can you please proposed to Suanne soon? Thanks.
Stan : Im so so so happy that you came altho I know you were busy! Means a lot to me!
Lynn : Babe, so gonnaaaa miss u! Hope to see you in Aussie ! Keep in touch
Cavin : Thanks big bro! Wish you all the best in Taiping, hope to see you as the next big developer!
Ching Li : Im still angry.... but thanks for the present... You will KENA denda when I see u!
Kylye : Thanks sweetie! Read below : hehe
Zeb : Thanks teddy bear! Can you please get married soon?
Zen : Thanks babe altho you were late!!!!!!!!! >:( Plz stop cutting Chanel bags!
Nana : NANANANNANANA, my partner! LOVE YOU! Bigger dreams this year ok!
Arran : FABBUULOUSSS CRAY CRAYYY! Thank you so much!
Jillian : Thanks loveeeee! May this year will be a good year for you <3 p="">Dique : Thank Dique for coming, looking forward to the pictures
Jordan : J, hahaha ( thinks about the incident in jaya grocer ) thank you for the pressie
Jeen : JEEEENOOOSTARR!!! Thanks for suddenly changing my party into a korean scene!
Sabbie : Thank you sabbie for contributing altho ur not there!!! :D You are too kind!
Keith / Jess : Thank you for contributing as well! Get well soon yeah :D

Jasiminne : MY LOVER! AH YAH YA YAH YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ( inside joke ) Thank you for rushing from Singapore to Mont Kiara just to celebrate my birthday! You are a true friend!

Ps: I'm not naked! Don't believe everything you read! * stares at Leonard 

Thank you the rest for the presents as well!

Leonard : Thank you for the scrubbbbbbbbbb!!! Always wanted one! LOVE IT *still using the comb!
TJ / Lavin : Thank you for making me feel sexy with the VS! hehe!
Jill : Thank you for the fashion book!
Jas : Thank you for the macaron from Antoinette!
Brie / Zhong / John : Thank you for the Valous Spa candleeee, been burning it!My room smells nice now

MOM/DAD : For coming all the way to Taiping just to celebrate my birthday and mom for cooking the ayam masak merah and wild board curry!

MOM IN LAW : Thank you for coming and helping to cook the bihun! :D

LINA : hope you are feeling better sis!!! Rest well and thank you for coming down! LOVE YOU


Happy Sweet 16 ME!
Happy face

SO happyyyyyyyy, thank you everyone who came! 

The night didn't end after the fireworks, apparently it continued till 6 am! I fell asleep at 1 and the rest was gambling! Hope everyone had fun! LOVE YOU ALL!


Cant wait for my Birthday x Valentine gateway!



  1. =P Look naked mah. Hahaha.
    You're most welcome. Enjoy the bath salts and sponge! Oh, the sponge is a natural Mediterranean sea sponge. I think companies are only allowed to harvest from the sea once a year so they have time to regenerate. To clean and revitalize the sea sponge, soak your sponge in hot water with a table spoon of baking soda for an hour once a month and rinse well. It should last for a long time. =)

  2. Aww Michelle you looked so good! and that bikini! happy birthday!!!
    where can I get that bikini from?

  3. happy birthday !! look great!!

  4. Happy birthday!! What an awesome way to celebrate!! Nice photos as and your friends look great!!

  5. HI Michelle,

    May i ask where did u get the necklace from ?

    Thanks !

  6. Hi Michelle!
    Can you reveal where is the bikinis from before end of this month? :)
    Thank you. As it look so nice! Hope to get one as soon as possible :)

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