Wednesday, 26 February 2014


I've been married for a year plus now and being a housewife is not easy. My daily routine includes checking emails, clean the entire house and then start on whatever project that I'm working on. I do cook at times and this is the hardest part. Many of you know that I don't cook or I can't really cook well and my husband is an excellent cook, not to mention my mom and my mom in law are great cooks as well. Oh yeah, not forgetting my sister! It seems like I'm the lousiest woman at cooking, haha!

My mother in law taught me a lot about cooking actually, but most importantly, the very basic step before cooking. She said to always wash the vegetables / meat that you bought and store in a tupperware before putting it in the fridge. Trust me, before I know about that, I normally just stack everything I bought from the grocery shop to the fridge, including the packaging... which is SO WRONG! No wonder my food “ died” so fast in my fridge! Speaking about fridge, did you know that SHARP fridge comes with Plasmacluster Ion Technology which eliminates 99% bacteria and 97% mold in your fridge? Resulting to a longer and fresher food, free from contaminants!

I was introduce to the Sharp Dual Swing Door which is easily accessible from LEFT and RIGHT! So now you dont have to worry about locating your fridge anywhere. You may also ask, what if you try to open both doors at the same time? The answer is, one side will open first and there is no way you could open both at the same time :)

I went to the SHARP showroom and did a video for you all to watch!

For me and Marcus, we both have back problem and what we like about this fridge is that the fridge is on top and the freezer is at the bottom! By placing the fridge compartment on the top, it eases the burden of frequent bending down to reach for your vegetable.This help you with keeping or taking your food with natural posture, less bending because normally we use 70% of refrigerator compartment & 30% of freezer in a day. Good idea right? It also comes with the Hippo-mouth Vegetable Case which is a large space specially for veges and they also have this Kangaroo Pocket feature which allows storage for large and small bottle water!

Normally, conventional refrigerators require 2 actions of opening the door and then draw out the freezer compartment, but with Sharp's Dual Swing Door Refrigerator, it takes only one action to draw out the freezer compartment.

Other inventions that I like would be the door alarm which when you forgot to close the fridge properly more than one minute, an alarm sound will alert you! Not forgetting the 7 levels adjustable shelf for your to fit your large items :)

Sounds like a dream fridge, right?

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Michiekins Random 4

The wildcard is back! It's been a long time since I blog about my wildcards! 
Last was NO. 3, read here : Michiekins Random 3

Ok, so let's talk about Fashion, Movie, Music , Food, Gossip and Random thoughts

Fashion :

Loving Zuhair Murad Pre Fall 2014 :)

Movie : 

This particular movie was introduced by my elder brother 


Freaking funnyyyyyyy LOL! It's a must watch! The whole movie is in Spanish and Will Ferrell never fails us! He is so funny! Highly recommended for a good laugh :) Btw, did you know that it took one month for Will Ferrell to learn Spanish? :)

Music :

On repeat mode :

Happy Pills by Norah Jones

Heard it on the radio and immediately asked Jasiminne to find out what song is it using some music app! Been listening to it ever since :) A nice happy chill song to make my mood good :) cos it's been a bit bad lately ( husband complain jorrrrr ) haahahhaha :P Sorry love!

Food :

Oppss... sorry no new findings at the moment.
Sorrrryyyy :/ Marcus been cooking and we are into veges now! 

Gossip :

OMG I DIDNT KNOW THAT CARA DELEVINGNE is dating Michelle Rodriguez ( fast & furious actress ) Such a shocker!

Random thoughts :

Marcus and I love ASNTM!!!!!!! hahhhahhahaha! WE love Team Sheena and Team Nicole! I personally think that they modelled best! I actually think that Sneha (India ) hair was very beautiful until they chopped it off, she looks a bit weird but her face is so gorgeous and also, I didn't like when they highlighted Sheena's hair pink/red... looks more childish, I personally think she looks better with just platinum blonde hair


Monday, 17 February 2014

Mini Birthday/Valentine Holiday in Avillion

On my real birthday, Marcus took me to Avillion Port Dickson. It's been almost 3 / 4 years since we've been there and I remembered that we enjoyed Avillion very much.

This trip kinda bring back some old memories, we booked the same room ( premium water chalet ) which overlooks the ocean for more privacy and everything still looks the same.

The room was a bit old but it's still nice, we enjoyed the day bed a lot :)

I have to admit that the hotel is getting older :( Service isn't as good as before as well. We asked the concierge for a good seafood place and they replied with : 

McDonalds and Old Town is not far away -_-??

We decided to eat in and I ordered the Nasi Kampung! I remembered that it was good 3/4 years back and it's still good :) 

The rooms / interior might be old but the Avi Spa and Lounge is very new :) Its has quite a nice architecture :)

Chilling at Avi Lounge :) I could stay here!
Wanted to watch the sunset from here but it was booked for a company function
( Not happy )

Also, the Avi Spa was fully booked 
( Lagi not happy )

With Bambi :) Thank you again for the amazing presents guys!

Then it was straight to the adults pool! Yes, what I love about Avillion is that they have a massive kids pool and an adult pool which kids are not allowed! Only peacocks are allowed and the best part? 

It's a 24 hours swimming pool!

We did also went to the private beach, no one was there... and the ocean wasn't as clean...  a bit milky but it's alright. The breeze was good and the company was good till Marcus said there might be snakes around the bushes as he saw some trails! 

This Birthday and Valentine, Marcus got me a Saint Laurent Clutch :) 

Thank you baby 

Same like last time, we pop a bottle of champagne during sunset :) 
This time with Mumm, a gift from my older brother

Don't kill me for posting this picture yeah baby! 

It was overall a wonderful holiday with a lot of birthday wishes from you all at the stroke of midnight! Thank you for your messages, fb messages and whatsapp voice message! Many of my close friends didn't want to call as they know I'm on a mini romantic gateway... they only message me : Please make babies. HAhahhhahaa

But, all we did was...

Watch Revenge Season One! HAHAHAHAHHAHA

Too old. 
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